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  1. maybe try using aloe vera, these marks are known as PIE (post inflammatory erythema) and they take extremely long to go away. I suffer horribly from them and unfortunately, I still haven't found any product that will help speed up the healing process
  2. im experiencing the same type of scars atm and whats working for me is try using as less products as you can on your face. I only wash my face once a day at night (toner and moisturizer afterwards). less irritation = less redness. I was also prescribed a tretinoin cream and Im seeing improvements but its working very slowly.
  3. hi, acne on the cheeks may be linked to your lungs and liver. A diet high in sugar and dairy may caused acne on the left cheek whereas acne on your right cheek may be caused by a high sugar intake. Smoking may also be the cause of acne..... Have you tried taking antibiotics??
  4. im sorry you have to go through this. I hope you will find happiness and peace one day again
  5. try rinsing your face with sea salt water. it will help reduce the swelling abit. I feel like the clay mask might be too harsh, try using fresh aloevera instead?
  6. yes, I would suggest you to consider taking Accutane if nothing is helping. hmm, maybe you should try changing your skin care products/routine? I personally feel that "acne" products dont work and they aggravate my acne instead. try not to cleanse your face too often? heres my skincare routine - remove spf and makeup with miscellar water - I only wash my face with very little cleanser once a day (when I shower at night). - tone with an apple cider vinegar toner (diluted with water) -
  7. hi redded, I can relate so much to your post but please please please dont give up! I had really bad cystic acne and I tried everything I could but nothing work until I when to a GP, she prescribed me doxycycline and tretinoin cream. and I honestly cannot describe how glad I am to make that decision. still suffering from all the scars left by my acne but I believe time will heal everything!
  8. yes it is!! to completely cure your acne, you must find the root of it!
  9. update: I stopped following this routine back in august when I started taking doxycycline. im not saying that it doesnt work because it does! just very very slowly and I didnt see any drastic difference in my skin hence the decision to take doxycycline and I recommend everyone whos suffering from acne to visit a GP and seek for help! my GP also prescribed me a tretinoin cream and Ive been using it every night for my acne scars. theyre getting lighter but at a very slow rate.. since I started
  10. the pimples on your forehead are most likely caused by your hormones, theres not much you can do about it since youre probably going thru puberty. however, a bad diet such as greasy fried or sugary food may aggravate the acne.
  11. have you tried tretinoin cream? I'm suffering from those marks too and the tretinoin seem to be fading them quite quickly
  12. they look like closed comedones, probably from makeup or sweat?
  13. hmmmm have you tried using fresh aloe vera plant as like a face mask? its quite refreshing and helps moisturize the skin abit
  14. I use the dr manuka skin treatment serum and I reckon its pretty good. however, its pretty light so I use 2drops of jojoba oil, 2 drops of teatree oil and one drop of rosehip oil to moisturize my skin after I apply the serum. I use the oil at night only (do a patch test first). it works so well because I used to have oily af skin and its no longer oily now.
  15. this is extremely true, on days where I binge eat junk food, my forehead will be covered in pimples the following week. also, I finally realized that the reason my cheeks broke out like crazy (literally new cysts everyday for like two weeks) was because I ate two whole cheesecakes by myself (in a week).
  16. yes of course, there are many different factors that affect everyone, so I guess people have their own duty to find the root of the cause?
  17. well, I'd normally search about the food that im eating online about how it relates to acne, if it does make the acne worse, i'd stop eating it and just wait and see if any new pimples form.. its honestly just a trial and error thing.
  18. i dont have any scientific explanations on eggs and acne but I did realized that cutting out the eggs in diet has changed my skin-ish and if you google "eggs and acne" you will find tons articles saying that eggs will make acne worse because eggs can cause inflammation.
  19. I know exactly how you feel because I felt the same way about two months ago and to make it worse, I went thru a whole semester of uni with huge cystic acne. I wasn't bullied because of my acne but I did get some nasty comments from adults. I used to cry everytime I looked in the mirror. I was on this forum, youtube and google everyday looking for remedies until I realized that we're just making all these up in our minds. WE are causing ourselves to be depressed, how will you be happy if you don
  20. hahah thanks, I just added almond milk in the list because I reckon the sugar in the milk may worsen the acne. really? I love eating eggs. it was very tough for me to remove them from my diet because I used to eat at least 2 eggs per day yes, I believe that the essential oils played a big part in taming my acne and I dont know what i'll do without them! hahah thanks, I just added almond milk in the list because I reckon the sugar in the milk may worsen the acne. really? I love eating
  21. hi!! have a read through this post, it may help
  22. hellooo, I finally found the routine that helped me clear my cystic acne (on my cheeks) and I just wanted to share it with those who has tried everything (like me) but nothing seems to work and believes that Accutane might be their last resort. NOTE: this is what worked for ME, thus, it may not work for some people. anyway, the key to this routine is diet. - no milk (this includes any kind of milk eg soymilk, almond milk), well, occasionally, I would have food that consists of milk, j
  23. probably the tomato because I eat two kiwis a day nothing has happened
  24. I use them together, I normally add 2 drops of jojoba, one drop of tea tree and two drops of rosehip on my palm and then massage it on my face. ive only been doing this for a little bit over 2 weeks and im already seeing results. really? I thought rosehip oil is supposed to moisturize the skin?? its best to ask your doctor about these stuffs since youre on Accutane. better be safe than sorry
  25. hello, dont worry, acne is just temporary unless you continue with the picking, I guess one way to stop is to think about the aftermath and how your face will look like after picking (thats what I usually do when im tempted to pick my spots). anyway, have you tried using oils? ive been using a mixture of jojoba oil, tea tree oil and rosehip oil after I finish showering (I stopped washing my face with cleansers) and it has significantly reduced my acne. however, before you decide to use those oil