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  1. Finally a reply Just to set the record straight. I am of course aware that seeing my derm would be the best way to find out, but that would cost me roughly $200, so I want to see if anyone could give me any tips here first. Thanks though
  2. No one? As said I have 64 pills left, and im thinking of taking one a day (which is 20mg) for 64 days. Hopefully this would stop the oiliness that came back aswell as the mild acne. Any thoughts on this? I would've asked my doctor, but he hasn't answered my email
  3. Hello It's been a while since I've been on here, and I hope I can get any tips from you guys. I got Accutane (well actually isotretinoin) in December 2010. I would say I had moderate to severe acne on my face and back with cysts. I was on 40mg/day for 6 months (I weight about 160). After 3 months I was suppose to get back to the doctor (possibly to higher the dosage) but because of some miscommunication that never happened. The side effects I experienced was dry lips, mildly dry face, dry
  4. Im starting on Tetracycline August 18th. I'll be taking vitamin B5 until I start. Could I take low doses (4-5g a day) of B5 during the Tetracycline cure? Do Tetracycline dry out my face, like Roaccutan? THanks in advance
  5. Im not on Accutane or anything, but Im going to my derm to see if there's any chance of me getting on it. So I've been lurking around this forum searching for Accutane stories, facts, tips etc. I've been reading about alot of people that's been getting their acne back after finishing Accutane. Is there anyone in here that's been staying acne-free for 1-2+ years after finishing Accutane? Tell me about it, please.. Thanks in advance
  6. Hi! Im 16 years old. How much acne I have is not important right now... I know for a fact that my acne is not caused my genetic reasons. My mom didn't have it, my dad didn't have it and my borther which is 4 years older than me didn't have it. Im the only one in the family that have ever had more than average acne. Im pretty sure this is just because of hormons.. In 8 days I have an appointment with my derm and I'll ask him the same question. So when my acne isn't caused my genetic reasons, a
  7. HI! Im from Norway too... Do you have any before and after pictures? Im going to the derm this week to get some pills hopefully. I've used vitamin B5 since January, but im tierd of taking 15++ pills a day and use all my money on this. Im 16 years old and August 20th will be my first high school day.. Before I started on B5 I had pretty much acne, and if im going to be able to get some pills (hopefully accutane) I'll have to stop using B5 and wait 3-4 months to let all my acne come back. I g
  8. Have anyone here gotten immune to B5 after a while on it? I think im starting to get immune, but I have only used it for 8 months or so...
  9. YOu can wrap them in clothes or something. The airport won't notice them unless they open up your breifcase..
  10. Hi! From what I've heard Spain is supposed to be very hard when it comes to b5 and letting it into the country. I were on holiday in Spain in March this year. I went for 1 week and I took 10g a dat just as you. I was also affraid of being looked at like a smuggler If i got "caught". It went allright tho. I packed the pills in a small plastic-bag and put it inside some shoes in my briefcase. I don't know if you should go down to 8g or not, but since your so early in the b5 prossess I would
  11. Good to hear I've been taking 10g a day for almost 6 months now (tried with 8g a day, but I think my acne came back) Nowdays im really worried about that my b5 time can be over soon because I've read that many looses the b5 effect after 1 year or so.. Is this true? Or is it just for someone? Anyone here thats been using b5 for over 1 year?
  12. The oil reduction doesn't work for everyone, but it depends on which b5 type you use. I've read much about Vilantae on this forum, and that it is good to oily skin
  13. Currently Im using b5 and It works great for me, but Im getting worried of reading about all the bad side effects. Does Vilantae have the same side effects? Which one is better? Thanks
  14. HI! I've been using B5 for 5 months now. I've been taking 20 pills/10g a day all the time (exept from some days when I didn't have enough or any at all).. Im 98% clean now and I've never been feeling greater. I started taking 18 pills/9g a day for about 9 days ago and Im going to keep taking 9g for one more week or so.. The only side effects I've had is dey lips and some stomach trouble once a while.. Im taking b-vitamins together with the b5. Since im only 15 years old I don't know too mu
  15. Thanks for the PM Bareare, and it's good to hear that you're fine I have 10-11 days of pills left. On january 3rd I got an appointment at the doctor to check my acne (which is my first time to ever see a docter for my acne problems). Now Im not sure if I want to continue with b5 because I may get some stuff at the doctor (Tetracyclin or something)... But im not sure yet..