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  1. So I went to a new doctor (an actual derm) yesterday. As I suspected, 20mg was much lower than I should have been on Well at least I'm seeing considerable changes even with 20. I weight just under 60kg, so according to my new doc I need to be on 60mg each month. Just to even things out from the first month I'll ask if I can get 80mg later on - I'm trying to get this course done as soon as possible! I get my next prescription on Tuesday and I can wait to see faster results from being uppe
  2. yeah same here - all of my breakouts are dried up. they dry up almost as soon as they form. but mine don't leave icepick scars - just bright red marks. of course everybody scars differently though. you should try putting some neosporin on it as soon as you remove the whitehead, that might help. and try to wait until it's really come to a head and ready to be removed.
  3. hey jamesiepoo! your last post sounds just like what i'm going through! i'm on about day 25, so pretty close to you. the course so far is so up and down you don't know what to expect everyday. only two days ago was make face a huge red bumpy mess. now it's breaking out still but calmed down like 200%. every time i think i'm starting to clear up i just get a few more cysts. but overall it's been better than it was in the very beginning. i know how you feel about not leaving the house. i'
  4. Oh and here are the products I am using: Face cleanser: Peter Thomas Roth 3% Glycolic Wash (I know, I know, you’re not supposed to use glycolic acid. But this is actually very mild for me and really helps with the dead skin. Also my face hasn’t gotten sensitive at all yet. If and when it does, I will switch to something else. Moisturizer: Complex 15 Face Cream (I think this is more or less the same as the lotion, but I think the lotion is a better deal for the amount you get.) It mois
  5. I’ve just started my fourth week on Accutane. There seemed to be changes everyday, so I decided to wait a little before updating. After only one week my red marks started to lighten, and they continue to fade slowly (I guess it’s different for everybody because some people say that theirs take longer to fade). The texture of my skin is smoother too. Any breakouts I had in the beginning started to rise to a head and heal very quickly. I continued to breakout a lot more than I normally wou
  6. i start bc over a month before my rx for accutane. two weeks into taking the pill i realized my breakouts were becoming more inflamed and i was becoming very depressed and emotional. so i stopped the pill (i dont plan on being sexually active the entire time on accutane). they say certain birth control pills help with your skin, but it really depends on the person. some that are supposed to help (like the one i was taking) actually made it worse in the beginning, and i really didnt want to
  7. hey jamesie, i'm glad you're already seeing some difference! i was surprised that accutane could affect my skin within a couple of days. i haven't really experienced any side effects either, let's hope that both of us have easy courses. i have an appointment with my derm 5 days before i'm supposed to get my prescription but she's just going to post-date one for me so i can get it after the 30 days. i'm sure your doctor can do the same.
  8. Days 4-5: Any active spots have started to dry up really fast. Day 6-8: Started taking 10mg twice a day. Spots are still healing and things are peeling/scabbing – bumps are a lot less raised or are coming to a head quickly. Using Neosporin to spot treat – has anybody tried this? I heard that maybe the pain relief cream formula is better than the ointment. I'm happy that the acne is healing but it's kinda scary because it just shows how extensive the area of my red marks are. Getting da
  9. so i got my first accutane prescription a week ago. i just moved and have sent all the necessary ipledge/bloodwork papers to the next appointment with a new derm. i know i now have to go online to change the prescriber, but does my 30-day window stay the same (30 days from when i got my rx) or start the day i change my prescriber?
  10. OK so I'm finally back! I was prescribed a month’s supply of Amnesteem at 10mg 2x/day. I’m taking only one 10mg pill for the first few days because I can’t get my next month’s pills within the 30 days and I would have to split up some pills so I’ll just do it in the beginning. I almost had a emotional breakdown at the doctor’s office because I had requested at least 40mg and was given 20mg. From reading logs of people with at least moderate acne, I was sure that I should have s
  11. yay! congrats on being clear of breakouts! i hope this lasts for you. i'm curious: what is your experience with makeup while on accutane? i'm thinking i'll have to switch up my current makeup once my skin really dries out
  12. hey natural girl, i just bought Cellex-C's Sunshade SPF 30+, made for acne prone skin (i dont think there are a lot of sunscreens made for problem skin). it's supposed to have the right amount of zinc oxide and other sunscreens so it doesnt leave that whitish cast on your face. it also has botanical extracts that are supposed to act as anti-inflammatory agents. it's pretty pricey though. i havent used it yet (i dont normally wear sunscreen but i'm starting accutane tomorrow) but i will try