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  1. My nose is covered with blackheads. When i use my cleanser, which contains Salycylic Acid, those blackheads turn into white things for like 5-10 minutes. Is there something that im missing?
  2. First of all i look for the pimples that i can pop so that i dont go walking around during the day with visible-pus attached to my outer face. I look at my shiny face and sigh coz of the oil. I then turn off the lights to make myself look better, do my hair, then begin my day.
  3. Im 2 months post tane and ive been having sore gums as well. i never had it while on tane, this could be because i floss nearly everyday and my hard toothbrush might be contributing to my vicious scrubbing.
  4. Meaty suggestions: Beef- Scotch Fillet/Eye Fillet Steaks Chicken- Breast Fillet/Drumstick w/o skin Pork- Minced pork used for gyouza only Fish- Salmon/Snapper.. Oven Grill them oily ones Lamb- Leg of lamb roasted.. stay away from mutton flaps although they are tasty Life is good as a carnivore.
  5. hey u guys seem to have a wealth of knowledge in this topic. well, ive got blackheads all over my nose, when i use salycilic acid(my cleanser) to wash my face the blackheads all turn into whiteheads for like 10 minutes or so. It happens all the time, should i switch my cleanser? P.s im also on differin0.1% Any help will be appreciated TANKS
  6. Im doing just that. Started getting pustular acne on my nose a months after isotane(roaccutane), visited my derm, and now im using differin0.1% at nights for the next 3 or so months. I will consider another course if my acne does become cystic again, but not if its just a couple of small pimples a week-i can handle that.
  7. Good for you, but in reality, most people won't have their acne "fully" cured. Before acne i was getting huge cysts, but that stopped, during and after my accutane cycle. Accutane, if you have areas of very mild acne, should completely clear that certain area. However for the area of your pre-cystic acne that produced scars blackheads it probably wont "fully" cure that area, although it will prevent your cystic acne from coming back. After your cystic acne is gone you can move to the next
  8. Haha very true. I used to stare at my feet while talking to people even my friends! i was almost oblivious to what i was doing and i look bak and say, dam if only i took accutane when i first got a cyst.
  9. IMHO it all comes down to the pastry(which must be thin crust) and the sauce(must remind you of italy) P.S Necromancer seeing as you are into bodybuilding dosnt the extra protein(tuna eggs etc) cause you to breakout
  10. FUck excuse the language but my nose is fucked up. On the sides of my nose i have tiny hairs sticking out and they are little hairs, then in the middle area of my nose i got 30+ blackheads or possibly unsurfaced hairs. Am i one of a kind(hairy nose on the OUTSIDE) is the middle area of my nose gona have hairs sticking out of it too therefore my whole nose? Im really scared i dono wat to do i think they are blackheads but i know for sure that the ones on the sides are hairs, damn my genes are m
  11. If the other stuff isnt helping your acne i highly recommend accutane. I was going through the same thing ,till i got a job and i could make my own decisions, so i decided to go on accutane. i had huge cysts on my face but those cleared up, my cheek area was starting to get bad but after accutane its 98% clear with 2 tiny pimples clearing up gradually. As for alcohol i would stay away from any heavy drinking of alcohol, 1 beer a day shouldnt be harmful if you cant resist not having any.. but do
  12. this is a weirdquestion for me. the only time i got compliments was when my acne was possibly at its worst; at work one gal gave me her numba she thought "i was cute", i think she could tell i was attractd to her. Another girl that i was into, i got her number and her mum thought i was "hot" and it turned out she was culprit , but i wont tell you how that turned out . Anyway that was 2 months before my accutane. Now im 2 months post accutane(i was living under a rock for 7 months) and gettin