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  1. Unfortunately, I'm currently living out of the country so a visit to the dermatologist would not be covered for me, meaning it'd be an expensive visit. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll look into it!
  2. Does anyone know what this could be??? I need help! It seems to be spreading around my mouth and chin area :((
  3. Hey, I have not taken any antibiotics recently. Last time was in March for an ear infection but none since. The only thing I take regularly is ibprofen for headaches and bad mestural cramps (been taken more recently) and sometimes omega-3 supplements. No dandruff or white tongue. Do you think this is still gram negative follicultis? If so, how do I get rid of it? Any home remedies? Because a doctor's visit would cost me a lot.
  4. Hi, I struggled with forehead,chin, and a little bit of cheek acne, more than a year ago. Since starting on birth control a year ago, my acne has significantly improved and when I get a way of breakouts now and again they are usually smaller,less, and easier to deal with. However recently I have broken out in these red clumps of pimples near my nose. It started with a small, barely noticable pimple on the nostril opening of my nose & quickly spread to these red, dry clumps of tiny pimpl
  5. Thank you for sharing your experience with this regimen! Unfortunately I ditched it haha! Trying to apply makeup over the drying skin was a mess! As well, I felt I would just wait til after graduation to try something as major as this. For now, I've focused on my diet and hoping this will at least get my skin at the best state in can be before prom. I'm drinking green tea daily to see if that'll help with the inflammation and I'm experimenting with cutting out gluten (which has been FRICKEN dif
  6. Some background information to start off.. I am 17, currently one month from graduating highschool. From what I can remember, my skin only started giving me major problems during my last two years, grade 11 til now. My forehead is where most of my acne is located, a lot of hyper pigmentation, unevenness, and pimples/whiteheads that come and go in waves. I also get a reoccurring whiteheads on my chin and near my mouth. My cheeks are clear and smooth, opposed to a pimple once and a while. I do