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  1. You look beautiful, it will be over soon and you won't have to worry about it anymore accutane will do the trick
  2. No lotions or anything works only time for the red acne marks, i had alot on my cheeks only rf microneedling with prp, ipl and red light therapy worked.
  3. I had alot of red marks on my cheeks and jawline with a little bit of scaring from accutane after taking it for 3 months and i didn't wait for 6 months because new studys concludes that you can have procedures shortly after accutane in one month i had microneedling with prp and after 3 weeks i had ipl plus rf microneedling with prp plus red light therapy for red acne marks and scars and i have 60 % improvement. I had no downtime no redness after the procedures it took 4 hours and 2 weeks to se
  4. I had alot of these marks on my cheeks after taking accutane for 3 months. first you have to treat your acne first, about the redmarks which is (pie) i had microneedling with prp i had scars also and after 3 weeks i had ipl, rf microneedling with prp and red light therapy and my marks improved about 70%
  5. I am 4 days post microneedling with prp my skin is just a little bit red i would definitely say there is improvement in my red marks on my cheeks about 60% reduction i don't know if it would work for you but this worked for me going to have my next session im 4 weeks.
  6. I think you have to control your active acne first because new spots mean more inflammation, it's hard to treat red marks while getting new spots. My doc said he would be doing microneedling with prp today I'll update you on this.
  7. Nope didn't tried it yet, but i had a session of vbeam 2 days ago on the lowest settings, i think it helped a little. Which naicinamide product were you using? And do you still have acne?
  8. Dealing with the same problem, but don't worry they will fade over time to speed up the process you can use Vaseline naicinamide hydrocortisone cream for just 7 days only. silicone sheets.
  9. Hello, I did the same first thing was to wash my face and look in the mirror that what a mess i am but now i don't even bother. I am in my 4th and last month 40mg a day mine initial breakout started in the first week and lasted till the end of the second month, it was worst made me cry every single day. My cheeks and jawline were full of cysts i had around 60 bad demons on my face, in third month week 10 everything changed didn't had a pimple since then only red marks which have improved alot j
  10. Just stick with it, dont give up. I was in the same situation mine also got alot worse but don't lose hope you will get clear.
  11. Hello, i am on my third month of isotretinoin i have been taking 40 mg a day 20mg in am and 20mg in pm. Everyone reacts differently with the medicine, my lips were dry on the third day and my initial breakout begin in first week and lasted till week 7 my skin was in worse condition, now i am in week 9 and clear with only red marks and they are fading to. and stop using benzoyl peroxide, accutane is enough for you i also used it in the first two weeks but it made my skin more red it was like t
  12. I am doing good bro got 3 pimples and they dried out now i am clear and my red marks are fading too with organic aloe vera gel and zinc oxide at night i hope it just gets better from here now. are you having any problem with your hairs? my scalp is dry and my hairs are dry to.