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  1. Hi Tezzabell, I have the copper IUD and am on Spironolactone too! Firstly I want to emphasise that the copper IUD does NOT affect your ovulation or your hormones at all. It works as a contraceptive by disabling sperm. The hormonal IUDs are different. I've heard some stories of people saying their acne was worse after getting the copper IUD but no one knows why that would be, and it certainly didn't happen to me, my acne stayed exactly the same. I went on spiro 50mg/day about
  2. I recommend Azelaic Acid!! I wish someone had told me about it much earlier. In Aus it's easily available over the counter at pharmacies. I think the Ordinary make one too that you can't get here. It's been great for my skin along with Spiro 50mg/day.
  3. Hi, I have been on Spiro for about 8 months now, just 50mg/day. I definitely experienced the initial breakout in unusual places and then gradually my skin got better. I also felt more anxious and had trouble sleeping when I took it at night but that stopped when I switched to morning. My skin felt less oily early on but the acne itself took a while longer. I think 6 months would be around when I saw results and now it's the best it's been in a long time. I personally think the best way to go wit
  4. Hi xoxoem, I've been on 50mg Spiro/day for about 8 months and sort of noticed the opposite. I think I feel less thirsty and dehydrated than when I started. I drink at least a couple of litres of water a day, usually more. Did you change brands maybe? Have other things in your lifestyle changed recently? Maybe you're stressed or exercising more or drinking more alcohol or something? I hope you're feeling better soon.
  5. Hi ambientpink, Yes that's exactly what happened to me! I went on 50mg, broke out all over my neck with cysts and some on my cheeks which I don't usually get so badly. I felt immediately that my skin was less oily but it took months before I had good results. I changed from pm to am and that helped my sleep and I had another small break out when I did that. It's been about 8 months on 50mg/day and my skin looks the best it has in years. I also discovered Azclear (azelaic acid available OTC
  6. Hi Fruit, It's been a while but how are you going? I started spiro in mid May, 50mg/day split AM and PM. I haven't really had any nausea at all. I have however had other side effects (I think I'll do a bigger post on my experience). This biggest problem for me has been anxiety creeping in and making it really difficult to sleep. I decided to start taking my PM dose with lunch instead of dinner, and then I also halved it. So now I take 37.5mg/day (but less because a fair bit crumbles off when
  7. I don't have pitting or anything but a TONNE of PIE scars (like PIH but specifically acne sort I believe). I have found a few ingredients that really help, and mostly get them in OTC skincare serums and treatments. Best for me are Niacinamide, Zinc, Centella Asciatica and Madecasseside. You can find these ingredients in HIGH doses in some korean skin care lines (seriously the best find and a reasonable price range) and also The Ordinary and french skincare lines (eg La Roche Posay). I've us
  8. Hi Rendu, I came off BC about 4 years ago now and it. was. horrendous. Worst acne ever (and I've always had it since 14)- lots of whiteheads, texture and soreness all over my face. I'll be honest, it took me 9 months before it settled down to at least the acne I had before. It wasn't fun. For the last few years now my acne's been confined to my mouth/chin/neck mostly wavering here and there for reasons I cannot understand (besides camping and flying which really piss it off). Supplements, tr
  9. Hi there, How are you going on Spiro? I've just started a week ago (50mg) and have read up on lots of side effects (sore boobs, dizziness, thirst, potential heart palpatations) but have not had much of an effect so far. I'm also frustrated and angry! haha so send an update and we can be in this together. Lexi
  10. Hi Michigander, I don't have much help for you but I also started spiro for the first time a week ago. Like you I hated the pill and would rather take the natural route but that hasn't worked. What dosage are you on? I'm just taking 25mg with breakfast and dinner (12 hours apart) and have no nausea or bad side effects so far (just a bit dizzy sometimes and thirsty). I'm sure you've also been reading all the posts online about spiro- I'm hoping for no mass breakout before things start to im