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  1. i live in scotland half the year and england the other half so i'm equally screwed with regards to sun. although the english summer did do me a lot of good.
  2. this happens to me too, barely noticeable when i get up and then it develops during the day. effing annoying.
  3. this literally just covers the marks, makes them paler. then washes off becauase it doesn't actually soak into the skin!
  4. thanks to the above dude. i think that's what i'm going to do. the spots seem to rise a bit then drop back down without erupting which is cool. i think if i give it two weeks and there's nothing then it's probably the case. i mean it was a week almost to the day after the crab so it kinda would make sense. and to the other dude. i'm a first year, no stress whatsoever thanks guys,
  5. so, my acne disappeared after four months worth of lymecycline. which seemed to have worked. i went off it for a couple of months, and wow. no new acne. so, i come back to university. week one, fine. then after that i get about ten new actives. just like that, in the space of a few days. what is going on? is this just a simple relapse? i;m getting my mum to send me some more pills up and restart the regimen, cause i've worked so hard to get where i am and my red marks are slowly disappearing. b
  6. in all seriousness katerina, i doubt very much those marks will be gone in a months time, just check out this forum for various ideas. but don't rely on them too much; they'll go in time. just not a month, if you know what i mean!
  7. i've been using this for roughly two months or so. and, in short, it's okay. i mean i can't really see much difference. i think it's doing the job though, slowly but surely. i think it's a bit better when you dab it on the red-mark areas. because the cream just seems to whiten my face a bit...needless to say i'm sticking with it. i mean, my red marks are pretty bad, and i've got a few actives. but i've spent so much time and so much fucking money; it's time to say, i'll just wait these marks ou
  8. surely the british version is the same thing, it's in at just over six quid...?? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Vita-K-Solution-Sc...9896&sr=8-3
  9. i might have to invest in this, i'm so poor though. how long would the £13 cream actually last?
  10. i heard, if you're an arsenal fan, you don't get it.
  11. it looks like hyperpigmentation basically. you look fine though, lucky for you it's not more visible. you can try various creams to help it go faster. but it's gunna be a process of waiting it out and sucking it up.
  12. i think god's a joke, whoever he is, if he even does exist. we get acne, and other people in the world die of aids. hardly a fair deal. or is the party line "it's to test us", bullshit.
  13. acne's fucking shit, no two ways about it.