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  1. im sorryy i havnt been updating as often as i intended to do. My mood has been very down lately and im feeling super depressed. I am not sure if Aldactone is doing much for my acne as I am also using a topical treatment which I just stopped using because it was irritating my skin. My tummy cramps isnt as bad as it was now but I still occasionally get the cramps. I also noticed that my period came earlier than it was supposed to maybe due to aldactone. I might be stopping Aldactone and using chin
  2. The last few days I havnt really been getting side effects except slightly light headed at times. Right now im not sure if its because of Aldactone but im starting to get really bad cramps and feelings of extreme hunger altho ive already aten a lot. I also feel suuper tired and kinda nauseous.. i have an essay tomoz i havnt finished planning yet aarghh but im gonna jus go to sleep i don feel well enough to do anything.
  3. Yesterday, mum brought Aldactone but was really hesitant in letting me use it due to the side effects she read. Today, I just started using Aldactone some hours ago and so far there isn't any side effects which is guudd. I am starting at 100mg daily and maybe building up to 200mg after some time of getting used to it. lol this is probs a bit irrelevant but it kinda has that peppermint taste at the start. Anywaay I will be updating a few days later :))