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  1. yeah i guess you're right.... but im still not getting any closer to my quest in finding Brandon!! i dont think i will eva speak to him again x x x x x x
  2. wish i could pass the laugh right back at ya so i could make u laugh but im not very funny !! lol
  3. haha that made me lauf lol, no thats not what happend ~ i was just looking for an old mate thats all! x x
  4. wow, i thought this was just something that i thougt.... seriously i am exactly the same, i dont eat chocolate, sweets, bread, chrips biscuits etc etc and eveytime when i do eat something i think is this really worht breaking out over id much rather starve,. its a really bad way of thinking. but i find when i go for a few days without eating anything i feel happy that i am in control of my body... its really terrifying what having spots does to not only ur apperence but ur mental health... i swe
  5. DAY 5 FRIDAY 13TH MARCH 09 my 5th day of using the light have had another one or two spots come up today, but again nothing majour that i have to hide away for. my skin is again not seeming any better or any worse. have noticed that my older spots are fading fast which im loving!! am hoping this time next week i will see a little inch of maybe improvement . just got to hang in their i guess. im not loving my current skin state at the moment but then i never really do, on a scale of one to 10 m
  6. DAY FOUR 12TH MARCH 09 Today is the fourth time i have used the light so my skin has had an hour of treatment. Havent really seen any improvements as yet but then i guess its way too early! have had three new spots today but only small ones and a big one on my head, luckly i have gently extracted the minging stuff inside as they are only tiny white heads. the other 4-5 other spots from my break out before using the light appear to be responding well to the blue/red light. they seem to be dryin
  7. heya, been a memeber on here for a few years now, havent logged on for a while so hi to ya all... just wondering if anyone here has heard of a member called AKSJDF4ME ( a key striked jumble does fine for me) AKA brandon, he has been deleted which i guess is not a good sign but i miss him... he used to be lovely any ideas.... probs back from 2004-2006? x x x x x x
  8. DAY THREE 11th March 09 Am just about to use the light now. I actually really look forward to using it i think it feels good to be banishing the acne! not had great skin today but im clearing up from the break out i had before started using the light. the light is weird because it makes my spots heal as if they have been in the sun like im on holiday. only used it 2wice but they seem to be drying up quicker within the last two days. am hanging on in there by thinking ive had acne for 10 years
  9. heya i have just started using this light, how are u getting on with it? mine is the Dr Kern beauty skin blue and red light i have used it twice so far so a bit too early to tell! maybe we could share progress together as inspiration! x x
  10. Heya, i have done alot of research into this light ~ most views good but as always some negative ones. I guess it just depends on your skin type and how lucky you are! i spent 190 pounds on this light from ebay, it came yesterday ~ leaving me skint for the rest of the month lol! but if it works then it could be life changing - im so excited!! I am 20 and have suffered with mild to moderate acne since i was 11, things have gotten a lot better since my teens but am just fed up of ruleing my life
  11. Hey! My name is ChiChiAngel, so look for me!!!

  12. i will be your friend!! so now u do have friends
  13. heya this is such a great idea i have spent the last few weeks writing a personal journal about everything related to acne and how it much more than a skin disorder. HERE IS A TINY SNIPPET it damages you emotionally and distroys your social life. its not just about the pimples, its not about the looks and the stares. its about jelously,comparasion and questions. why should we suffer with this when our best friend has perfect skin. i mean of course were gonna be jelous. why we hide away at nigh
  14. acne is like knowing that you're beautiful but wont leave the house because you feel ugly