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  1. Hey! I saw your comment! :)

    I am sorry I am late. :( lol very late

    Ok, mm, yes I am from Slovenia, but I really don't know what were you talking about.lol

    sketchy? what is this? =)

  2. My friend use to have acne, and she went to some top line dermatologist in NYC. The guy told her to use the original neutrogena glycerin bar. Her skin is flawless now. It didn't work for me because I have semi-dry skin.
  3. Dont worry she seems much younger. I had to help out for community hours, and this little girl said to my friend who has alot of freckles, if that was acne. people older than 12 wouldnt get it confused
  4. thats soo cool! It must be soo beautiful there, and the food too. South America is gorgeous when you go down there. Alot of the people down there have FLAWLESS skin though lol =[
  5. I think you should just leave your face alone. Its clear the only reason you are breaking out is because, your face got use to using proactive, and when you stopped you face was so use to it, it went crazy. Atleast for 2 weeks try just to use Cetaphil. Eventually this will go away. Good Luck!
  6. I wouldn't think going to a 3rd world country would be so good. I have friend from Jamaica, and they say when you go to many places in Jamaica (unless its for tourist) and they can tell your a foreigner, mainly by skin color, theirs been allot of causes of robbery, abduction, etc. Jamaica is a beautiful place but if you do not know the area, it can be extremely dangerous.
  7. Sorry to bother everyone but I don't know what to do. I use to have really mild acne but was stupid and tried duac gel which contains benzoyl peroxide. I used it for a month and then just stopped. And for the last 2 months my skin has been breaking out like crazy in places I never broke out. Every day for the last week I've been crying because im so embarrassed, I feel like I ruined my skin. Now im just using cetaphil to was my face because I heard that if you are gentle with your skin after ben
  8. Im sorry to hear what your going through =[ But if I were you I would try atleats for 2 weeks just to use a gentle cleanser such as Cetaphil. Some people who have sensistive skin get acne just for the simple fcact that they irritate their skin too much, I even realize this on myself. If I rub my face with a washcloth, my skin gets so irritated it breaks out. Hope this Helps and Best of Luck!
  9. I wouldn't try microdermabrasion. I have only heard a few sucess stories, and alot of people say that their scars got deepper after doing it. I would leave you skin alone for atleats one month and do not do anything to it at all. If it doesn't improve at all, then look into treatment if your self-conscience about it.
  10. Those aren't noticeable at all. Even looking at them up close you cant really notice. Their extremly shallow, and im being really honest too. But to prevent any damage, be gentle on it. Most scars slowly improve.
  11. those are called cysts, and yes they are a type of acne. Dont try to touch them though because they can scar =/.
  12. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/vitiligo/...ments-and-drugs
  13. Do mild scars completely disapear after a few years? =/
  14. Same thing happened to me! I tried tons and tons of products to achieve flawless skin and then in one week my skin was covered in hundred little bumps. I did alot of research and it says that using alot of products weekens your skin and makes it more vulnerable to bad breakouts. Also if you have sensitive skin, it makes you break out terribly. So anyways one day I was looking at my brother skin ( lol weird I know) and I realized that he had flawless skinn but he only used cetaphil. So starting