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  1. Well mate you wrote regarding brain fog it could be Hypothyroidism so I was trying to give you a pointer. I went to see a neurologist last week, he gave me the option to do two tests, a PET Scan and an MRI, im thinking of doing both, possibly the PET scan could somehow show reduced blood flow to certain areas of the brain, I think I read in a study Accutane reduced blood flow metabolism to the orbitofrontal cortex, it will be interesting to compare the scan to normal/controls.
  2. have you done a extensive thyroid test ? Even though your TSH is still within range which most doctors do, you could still have secondary hypothyroidism.
  3. how did you find out what dose was needed for weight and height ?
  4. hey mate, how are your free bound copper levels, have you tested for them ?
  5. Yes agree, what is the best antagonist we could try at low dosage, most probably has to come from China from a very good rated lab.
  6. How long are you using it ? What is your dosage and what brand are you using ?
  7. Yes that could work, though ive heard a few times long water fasting can make things worse or bring on new problems.
  8. based on your symptoms, I would do a Thyroid extensive test measuring all thyroid markers, as GPs just do a TSH test, and if you come within range they say your thyroid is good. But there are many instances were a person can have Hperthyroidism or Hypothyroidism and there TSH is still in range, its what is getting in the cells thats more important, check T3, T3, Free T3, Free T4, Reverse T3, that would give you a better picture. But from your symptoms I would suspect a form of Hypothyrodis
  9. Im doing some of my own tests here through Nutripath, and then I got a Endocronoligist here, and I got two people in the USA, they are not certified but they know alot about hormones etc. I beleive you can confirm if you have inflammation through testing the cytokine panel interlukin bio markers, specifically interlukin 6. Have you done a inflammation test ?
  10. How did they find out your HPA Axis was working properly ? Hi Guys, I beleive our problem stems from the Hypothalamus or the Pitutary gland, there is a dysfunction there and there is a cascade of issues that then downstreams. If we bring back these to areas close to homestosis then the improvement in symptoms will follow. One hormone in the hypothalamus is Grow Hormone. I beleive if we run a short course say 4-6 weeks, 80% will see our symptoms improve dramatically. Also
  11. Does a kinesiologist deal with the endocrine system specifically HPA Axis ?
  12. Have you checked your thyroid levels, your TSH maybe within range but its important to check the Revers T3 numbers ? Has anybody properly checked there thyroid levels, most would go to the doctor and check TSH and if within range they would say your thyroid is functioning properly. They main component to test is the reverse T3 and see if it is high, people with Hypothyrodism have hight Reverse T3 levels but have normal TSH levels which can indicate we have very similar symtpoms with Hypothy
  13. Did you go see a couple dermatologists to get there opinion ? Has anybody got there Thyroid numbers checked, I have read that if the thyroids tests seem normal then try to test Reverse T3 and see if it is raised. My was high, meaning there could be potential hypothyroidism ?
  14. Yes I beleive the neurologist will provide tests for that to confirm. Hopefully it is lactic acid.
  15. if I were you I would get a second opinion as sometimes doctors can misdiagnose and a second opinion would confirm or state otherwise.
  16. how do you feel when you get sunlight afterwards, do you notice a improvement ?
  17. Has this been discussed before, link is below ? https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/12/161207124055.htm
  18. yes thats what I mean, even see what a small dosage does 10-30mg. The closest I ever got to recovery was taking Mifepristone 700mg for 7 days, then for the next 6 months I felt pre accutane, normal, after 5-6 months I felt the effects wore off. Its like it reset the HPA axis but there is something causing the the HPA axis to dysfunction and after those 6 months it seemed the HPA axis had some dysfunction again.
  19. Has anybody you guys know had Accutane problems and then after decided to try say 20-30 mg of Accutane and see what reaction may have ?
  20. What happen was this, after feeling 90% better on the Mifepristone when the effects started to decline after about 5-6 months I tried a peptide called BPC 157 for my gut. Now im not sure but this product also affects Serotonin and dopamine levels and when I finished the 3 week course of the BPC I felt a sort of depression, I never felt depression before as a symtpom from Accutane but I dont know if BPC 157 gave me it. I tried a second time with Mifepristone about 4-5 weeks ago. 3 things
  21. Regarding the liver, there is Bilirubin levels, another I beleive is Arginine Levels and liver enzyme status. Truejustice your optimism is refreshing and contribution you do here is valuable. One point I want to mention of how I was cured for 6 months and slowly regressed was using Mifepristone 700mg for 7 days and after the last dose two weeks later I felt normal for 6 months like before using accutane Accutane. This has been the closest I have gotten and the feeling was s
  22. Has anybody thouroughly tested there liver status with testing specific enzymes and biomarkers, as I believe there is an underlying liver damage that is hard to detect with a normal liver function test ?