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  1. I don't know exactly, mine are improved very slowly... but I have very bad red scars checkout www.spatabulous.com, their system is cheap and interesting, you should give it a try.
  2. Courage! and be patient By the way, as a natural way to give your skin "maintenance" try the Phillips infrared light lamp (Amazon), Is doing wonders on my bad acne!
  3. Nop... the IT light is working well, but on internet there are interesting infos about blue laser...
  4. That's true ! I've suffered with antibiotics, even if theywere effective in the short term, for me it doesn't worth it..... finish your pack and consider giving them up :S
  5. There's also PHILLIPS lamp available in Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/Philips-Infrared-E...1/dp/B001RUI10S
  6. Medisana, in Switzerland, I don't know if available somewhere else, i guess yes... I bought it in a standard electrocnics shop had you took a look on the internet?
  7. hmmm, Well, if you don't have side effects, then continue until april. But the problem with antibiotics is your body develops resistance to it
  8. hmm... if your acne is mild, maybe is good to keep away from antibiotics Try natural healing therapies... How long doctor prescribed the antibiotics?
  9. I was on Accutane two times of my life. First at 18, second at 26, very hard times, not because of the acne getting worst but because of all psychic effects I had. Actually my skin got much better, but the side effects were too devasting... That said, that was MY case, I've hear from some people toletating it pretty well. Why? I don't know. But i had some theories (you can read my las blog on Accutane entry). Personally, I understand you if you think rwice before getting it, because we got to
  10. hmmm, I'd like to take a look to that sit... could you provide the link please?
  11. You've been on antibiotics from 3 months now?! That's too bad for your body at the long term. Antibiotics don't only destroy acne bacteria but intestinal flora, and that's really not good for your stomach... Based on my experience and other around me, once you stop taking antibiotics, acne come back few months later or even one or two years My advise is for you to stop them, the have very bad side effects on the long term. How bad is your acne?
  12. No, jojoba oil is the only one almost identical to the human's body sebum, so it won't clog your pores.
  13. Hey guys, For oily skin the only thing it worked for me is the infrared light therapy, I got one ir lamp in Switzerland, but I'm sure it's available inb other countries! Hammamelis water also helped...
  14. The answer is very simple : your body produces testosternoe, and it's like a rush flowing on your entire body. Testosterone has a responsible role in sebum production, your skin produces more... Don't hold yourself! enjoy it, if your acne wants to go out it will find another way to do it.... Cells in our body have the same self preserving behaviour as we have.....Our pimples just want to survive, actually is what triggers them! so when you mastrbate they take the oportunity to go out. I'm 27