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  1. Alright this is my first time looking for help. I’m 16 years old and suffering with severe acne. A little history about me. I start breaking out the summer before Shopmore year. I was working out, everyday to lose weight. During this summer I was 250 Lbs and I lost my first 30 Lbs. I started having cystic acne. From August 2016- May 2017 my ance started going away. I was super happy ! I spent my summer in the sun enjoying my clear skin. Then my ance came back in August 2018 of that year again but it was moderate. It started to go away in January until out of nowhere my face started to get multiple pimples , then cystic, and it fully covered my face. In March my face was covered in acne. I got prescribed Accutane in April , it’s been a month but it’s been rough. I’m Emotionally suffering , I broke my glasses because I couldn’t bare to see my self in the mirror. Everywhere I go I get stared at. NOT TO GET EMOTIONAL, but I’m kinda numb. I lost all my feelings. I kinda just live my life to speed up , don’t get me wrong it is. I’m a pretty chill guy tho , so I’m just going to waiting patiently. Also my diet is kinda of horrible. JULY 16,2017April 8 2018MAY 6 2018 May 16 , 2018 I started Accutane on April , 13 ,2018