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  1. Stay out of my photo albums my pictures arent there for you.

  2. Hey get off that shit....BP....I used it as a face wash and my skin went really really dry, it started to peel and break out ten times worse... I stopped using it straight away. I got it from paulaschoice.com.au and they told me to continue using it until the first breakout dissapeared. I was like HELLL NOOO... good luck and hang in there okay... Hugs from Down Under. Trent
  3. U look fine and so does ur skina nd I was here for you but you stopped talking to me all of a sudden... Im here if ya want support.... T
  4. I tried Detol once and it burnt into my skin so bad...I decided, never again... I have been told to stay away from the sun beds...I burnt my skin using a tanning lamp about 5 years ago and I gave myself 2nd degree burns....I still have marks, so I think i will give the beds a miss....
  5. Hey guys n girls. I need some support and help... I am 27, living in Australia, I have mild acne, but it seems to flar up, especially when i over wash my face and shave..I get ingrown hairs.....I have blackheads on my nose and from squeezing them so much, now have little cratters all over.....I tend to wash my face over and over each day, obsessing, in hope that it will clear my skin, but it just makes it ten times worse. I have tried so so many lotions, potions, pills, creams, masks, toners, sc
  6. tadah

    Pics of me

    Shot random shots of yours truely... www.heartbeatland.freehomepage.com
  7. She sounds like a dog....why are you wasting your time with a dog??????? Move on....find someone nice, sweet and innocent......she sounds like a handful..... Good luck with it all, Trent
  8. Try not to over wash etc and maybe sit in the sun for abit......dont stress either cause the marks will fade in time,w hent heya re ready to fade....Maybe you can get some type of oil for your skin and rub that in, I know here in Australia there is an oil that is suppose to help scars and marks etc fade, but it is quiete oiley......didnt do much for my skin.... Good luck anyways, Trent www.heartbeatland.freehomepage.com
  9. Ummmmmm I get like that too sometimes....its the acne talking.... Cheer up Charlie, Trent www.heartbeatland.freehomepage.com
  10. If a girl wont date you because you have acne, then she isnt worth dating, in my opinion......whats the rush anyways?? In time the right girl will come along for you, you just have to be patient....... Keep your chin up high and be proud of who you are.....on the inside AND OUT! Cheers from Australia, Trent www.heartbeatland.freehomepage.com
  11. Try not to freak out and relax....maybe you stressing is causing the hair to fall out.....good luck with the tane and remember to try and stay positive.... Hugs from Australia, Trent www.heartbeatland.freehomepage.com
  12. Good luck with the tane....I hope it works out for you...keep your chin up and try and stay positive...... Hugs from Australia, Trent www.heartbeatland.freehomepage.com
  13. U have a beautiful face...and your acne seems mild.....Stay positive and keep your chin up okay...I hope you find something that works...but remember its only going to get worse before it gets better when trying new products.... Hugs from Australia, Trent
  14. Wow...I hope it works for you...remember its only going to get worse before it gets better but no doubt it will be worth it in the end...stick with it and keep ya chin up ok...... Best of Luck, Trent