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  1. i was on taking medicine for a couple years for a couple long term things.
  2. i have it on my back and cheeks. im only useing antibacterial soap for the back ance right now. idk how well it's working though.
  3. my skin looks amazing in the summer when im out on my lake. i believe you bruin ha
  4. hey i have some of those spots too. they're brown and look just like freckles. they are def from the sun but i have no clue how to get rid of them. i have a nice assortment of those brown makrs and redmarks from acne ha
  5. does it get rid of acne and scars? people told me it worked for them.
  6. hey! i hate acne as well how weird is that lmao. my benzaclin has worked sooo well for me. i hope it doesn't stop wokring cuz then idk what i'll do. but yeah i say i hate my acne everyday. it will go awya someday.
  7. dude i know exactly what you're feeling. i was depressed cuz my acne, not a lot of friends. shy... all that stuff. i got on i think lexapro? it;s an antdepressant i think. unlewss im thinking of something else. and within a month i was doing so much stuff that i never would have thought. like the games in front of the school at homecoming assemblies n stuff. just force yourself to do it and it becomes easier each time after.
  8. i like my smile and my teeth. http://i147.photobucket.com/albums/r318/carey_2007/mee.gif yes i edited my zits out hah http://i147.photobucket.com/albums/r318/carey_2007/me.jpg this is me and my sis. the smile i was talking about. no editing here. yes im a guy lmao (girls name)
  9. i think i've come to a point now where i know i have acne and i know it will someday go away. im 17 and im seeing my face again lmao. people don't really make fun of me. atleast to my face. but i dont really care cuz i know im bettter looking than them lmao (under my zits of course haa) but eh, you all can't let it get to you. i used to and i was super depressed. then i went tanning to get rid of them. wow did that work... for a week then blaaaaam. worse than ever. but someone said "dude you g
  10. i have some scars, very little craters it looks like. my acne isn't gone yet but when it is im scred i'll be scarred. what's the cheapest way that works to clear up scarring? thanks
  11. im not gonna lie, she wasn't ugly with the scabbed face. how could anyone be that mean?
  12. i think i might get the AHA stuff. i hate leaving my house with a gross white thing on my face. if i pop a whitehead will tht ever leave a crater scar or jsut the red bump that fades over time? what do i have to do to get a crater scar?
  13. ahh, i have this big juicy white one ready to be popped right now.... it's so hard to resist.. but im gonna, i already have tiny scars. idk if it's from my zits or just from being a kid and messing around when i was littler.
  14. i have acne on both sides of my face and the doctor says it only mild but i think it' look terrible. big red bumps and sometime white on them... and if i see white im embarrassed to go out in public so i pop them to get rid of the whitness, then put some cream on it.. idk if I'm goin to have scars and stuff when it all clears up. I HAVE to pop the white pimples... i can't help it. And if i do get those crater scars, how do i go about clearing those up? thanks