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  1. I find that if I go to bed right after or shortly after I eat I tend to break out more. Once I realized this I would eat no later than 7PM and sleep around 11 to 12.
  2. Have you gone to a dermatologist? Do you think your a candidate for accutane?
  3. I don't really understand gluten intake and the acne link but what I can stay is just don't eat that much gluten foods in one sitting. When I eat something that I know will cause breaks out I usually minimize the negative side effects by working out at the gym, drinking more water, and eating more fruits and vegetables. Controlling acne is a lifestyle for me and I have grown accustoms to. Can't believe Im back after so many years.
  4. canned salmon with bones and almonds. that should solve you calcium problem.
  5. i suggest you add olive oil to everything you eat. i think i use to intake about 1000 calories of olive oil everyday when I was on my weight gain acne diet. i would go through like one bottle in like two weeks.
  6. i did a very similar diet about 3 years ago and all my body acne cleared up. my face has always been pretty clear. basically all i ate was steam/can fish, steam chicken breast, boiled eggs, natural almonds, extra virgin olive oil, and steam vegetables. no fruits, no salt, no sugar, no added stuff. also no going out to eat. within a matter of 2 months all my body acne was GONE. to speed up the process i also went to the gym about 3 times a week and about 3 hours of sun each week. i got lazy and t
  7. Do you eat any almonds or walnuts. Try adding Extra Virgin Olive Oil to the things you eat. I gained weight just by having olive oil alone.
  8. Its definitely the sugar. For me after avoiding sugar my skin cleared up a lot. Basically I stay away from anything that is sweet, that includes fruits.
  9. Add a lot of olive oil to everything you eat. I finish a bottle of 750ml in like one week.
  10. any updates on how that new shower head is working out for you.
  11. Almonds, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds are all ok for me. Make sure they are all raw. To test what I do is eat a lot of almonds for a day or two and see if it breaks me out. Peanuts causes break outs for me.