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  1. Just a warning to you all, I was on lymecycline on and off for about 18 months. It worked really well on my acne when I was on it, but taking antibiotics for that long completely killed off all my friendly bacteria in my gut. I ended up with resistant bacteria and fungi growing in their place which spread up into my stomach and into my blood and was really ill. I had to stop the lymecyline and take antifungals for 6 months just to get healthy again!
  2. I eat salt and vinegar snack a jacks. They are yum. They're made out of rice and corn and have loads less fat, lots more crunch and way more flavour than potato chips.
  3. Ive been seeing Dr Chu for about 2 years but ive never had dermarolling, just laser treatment both the n-light, which in my opinion is barbaric, and some other one that is just white light (only had 1 of these so far). He also did some weird quaterisation thing where he burnt the skin ontop of my blackheads. The theory being when the scabs formed and dropped off the blackheads would fall out too (doesnt work, you just end up with all the burnt blackheads forming spots!). I kind of getting f
  4. I have really oily skin, every 3hrs or so i use oil blotting papers to suck the oil off my face and its good as new again. They are quite expensive tho, but i really noticed i got less spots coming up after i started using them. Plus make sure you are using an oil free moisturiser.
  5. Don't know if this will help, but I sweat really badly at night if I eat late. On days when I go out to dinner so have to eat late, I just sleep under a sheet with the window open to keep me as cold as possible.
  6. I learnt to sleep on my back. all i did is 1) get a thin pillow so my neck wasnt at an angle 2) put a hot water bottle (with just normal temp water in) sideways under the arch in my back which stops back ache and you can adjust how much water you put in, 3) i always have my ankles crossed (no idea why but it works!)
  7. Dont do the laser, i did it and it made my skin worse. To get rid of red marks get a really dark tan in the summer and they'll go. If you cant wait til then there is a red/blue lamp that you can use called Dermalux which is made to reduce red marks and kill facial bacteria.
  8. I use buckwheat for pancakes, and rice flour for baking as its lighter so rises better for cakes. If you're making pizza bases its really nice if you cook a sweet potato in the microwave then mash it up with rice flour and a bit of olive oil. You have to cook it first before you put the topping on, but it makes such a nice pizza (really good flavour if you dont do dairy and dont plan on putting cheese on top)
  9. If you get rice dream use the one with added calcium not the regular one. Provamel also do rice milk with added minerals.
  10. I eat Big Oz cereal. You can get brown rice cereal, buckwheat, corn, millet etc and all of them are 100% cereal no added sugar or salt or anything. Kallo do the same but i don't think its as nice.
  11. From your symptoms there are a few possibilities: 1 You might have a food insensitivity eg lactose intolerance. Do you have a lot of milk or eat one particular thing a lot, like soya or citrus fruit? Because if you do your body can suddenly become intolerant to it, even if you have been fine with it for years, and you get exactly the kind of symptoms you're describing every time you eat it. 2 You also need to look at the ingredients/contents of the supplements you are taking too as if you a
  12. MAC eye makeup MAC blusher Lancome antishine powder Lancome concealer Clinique foundation CLinique lipstick What is MAC foundation/concealer like? Is it easy to put on or really cakey
  13. I got blackxs perfume, socks (again!), a DAB radio/alarm clock, and spot cream and a paper bag from my dad (he thinks he is incredibly funny, I dont agree!)
  14. Im 22 and ive had acne since I was 10. Its rubbish but I try to not let it ruin my life (although I admit when I have a really bad break out and look like a leper I try to go out as little as possible!) Luckily my mum had really bad acne too when she was younger so I can talk to her. On the whole girl front, as I am one, I can tell you that a guy with bad skin really isnt an issue, so long as you are a nice guy it really doesnt matter. The only problem you will have is you probably wont be
  15. What regimen do you follow to help keep breakouts down? Thanks! I wash my face in the morning with pH neutral soap and lightly exfoliate. Then I put on lots of moisturiser (neutrogena oil free) because otherwise I get really flakey skin. Then after breakfast etc I buff off any flakey skin with a clearasil wipe and put on a little bit of moisturiser under my makeup. Evening I take off my makeup with clearasil, wash my face with the soap and then use the lamp for 20 mins. Then I put on