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  1. Does anyone have any advice on how to prevent nosebleeds?? It's probably a combination of Accutane and the cold weather. I was sticking vaseline in my nose to keep it moist but that didn't help. Thanks for any advice given!!
  2. While my skin may not be horrible now I still can't forget the worst day ever.... I'm a nanny for two kids, ages 4 and 2, and one morning the 2 year old asked me how I got the boo boos on my face. At first I thought I maybe had a scratch or something but then I realized she was talking about my acne. Even though she was only two, the look of sympathy she gave me for having boo boos on my skin really left an impact. Even though my skin didn't have the traditional boo boos, they still cause
  3. From the girl's perspective, I think that if you put yourself out there (which is hard) and the right girl comes along, she will fall for all of your good qualities. But to get to that you have to let down the barrier and forget about your skin for just a few hours a day when you're out. I have dated guys with bad skin and I honestly didn't notice because I was attracted to their smile, sense of humor, and/or kindness towards me. I really do know what you're going through, just in a different
  4. Where can I buy Everyday Minerals? I have used Covergirl for over 5 years but I'm tired of worrying if it will rub off on clothes and what not. Is mineral makeup better about that? I recently started Accutane and I'm just looking for a fresh start with my face! Thanks for your help!
  5. So, I've been on accutane for over a week and now I'm reading all about hair loss!! My derm never said anything about that. Is it really common? How much loss are we talking about??
  6. I have been on Accutane for a week now and am just interested in what to expect. If I initially breakout, should it have started already or when should I expect it? So far I've only had one tiny little whitehead. My main concern is that I have had little headaches all week and today it is really bad. I finally took some tylenol, but was wondering if headaches are a common side effect? It might have nothing to do with the medicine...