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  1. I wanted to give another update and say that my skin is basically 90% clear now, all due in part to the differin, which I believe is going to be the start of week 6 on Monday. I have a few actives on my forehead due to digestive issues or possible clogged pores, a few on my chin due to hormones, and one or two lingering near my nose still but otherwise I've never been happier!
  2. update: YEP. Clindamycin was clogging my pores, not only that but since it's a topical antibiotic it was causing MAJOR flareups in my digestive system (I have possible IBS) and it made me overall feel awful. Trust your senses when you feel like something is off because it definitely wasn't working for me. I know it works for some people, but that's the frustrating part of a skincare routine.. everyone is different. My forehead acne is going down and the ones that were caused by the clindamycin
  3. Hello, I'm wondering if anyone else has used clindamycin and had a somewhat bad experience with it. I'm 5 weeks into the treatment, combined with differin, and I have forehead acne that I've never had before that blew up a week into the clindamycin treatment, especially when I used only clinda. right before a facial. I think it's contributing because I'm athletic (taekwondo) and sweat a lot on my forehead, so I'm wondering if it's clogging my pores because they're small whiteheads that disappe
  4. So, I'm about to end week 4 (week 5 starts tomorrow) and oh my god. I am having a BAD flare up. Like pimples everywhere that I noticed have been on my face for a few weeks now, and they're finally surfacing. My forehead is as bad as ever, with pimples clearing but the exact same ones popping up in their place everyday. I'm thankful for bangs but it looks like it was a product reaction or something and it's not going away. My nose had a bad cluster with clogged pores which I think is finally c
  5. Hasn't been a week yet since last update but my nose has finally cleared and I'm noticing less breakouts for sure! I have pimples forming and have a cluster already forming a head on my right cheek. I'm finishing week 2. I'm assuming due to bad diet and hormones that it would get worse this week. Trying to get back into the healthy eating but with night classes I still drown myself in coffee lol.
  6. I use fresh lotus youth preserve and it doesn't break me out (?). It is a bit heavy so I use only a small amount but find it hydrates my skin while I'm using differin. It doesn't have any oils I think. Cetaphil broke me out so I'm wary of those common types of brands.
  7. AHA still exfoliates the surface layer of your skin so, yes, it'll still exfoliate. BP just kills the bacteria and prevents it from further forming a pimple. I find that AHA's alone aren't that fantastic at preventing acne, but good for scarring over time. I used an AHA with BP and had no problems.
  8. Bad but if they're big and angry white heads, like visible from a few feet away, then I disinfect a needle with a lighter, prick it, then take two q-tips and squeeze until the sucker comes out. I do this after a shower and immediately apply my products around the area and get the medication on the popped area and around it ASAP. Or, like above, I just rub it off when it's ready with the medication. They just fall off on their own anyway when I apply the stuff. If they're tiny then I don't eve
  9. This is a great log! Currently on week 2 of Adapalene 0.1% cream (the generic) and am having mixed thoughts on it. Then again, only on week 2 lol so I'll wait the full 4 months and see. My derm said I had mild adult acne but my pores are clogged so it'll take roughly 3 months to clear.. maybe. I'll keep updating as my journey continues but so far I'm having a BAD breakout on my forehead. I didn't start applying differin until this week there but had been using clinda. on there. Pretty sure it
  10. This was a long time ago but I'm sure it started improving around then. I wasn't fully clear until I was in my junior year of high school, after starting in 8th grade. I was clear with a few breakouts and pimples here and there until.. April this year lol. I use the Chinese face map to figure out what's happening on my face. I've been having a lot of stomach problems and stress recently so this could be attributing to it. If anything, it wouldn't hurt to try and see a holistic doctor? Have yo
  11. I started birth control at 14 with an antibiotic to help with the acne. I hated the anitobiotic, it felt like my body (I already had stomach issues) was getting worse, so I stopped. I'm sorry to say that I can't remember, but I *think* it took a good 6 months - 1 year for my skin to clear up. This was in conjunction with a BP wash, differin 0.3%, and aczone. I'm still on the birth control due to convenience, 10 years later, but it also helps with acne. Switching from loryna to generic back to lo
  12. I just saw this but yea, I stopped BP all together since I started a sensitivity to it. I went back to my derm and she gave me the differin generic cream 0.1% to use every other night and clin. to use in the mornings. I've just been using the clin in the morning and the generic every night and my face feels OK for now. It's only day 4? So we'll see. Good recommendation though! I was looking at Korean skincare products, I'll have to try that out. I think some hypo-allogenic natural sunscreens bre
  13. I know that Acne.org Support replied, but I was using BP up until a week ago, when I realized BP was causing my sudden acne. I suddenly developed an allergic reaction to it and can no longer use it. After 10 years I'm pretty sad. Try not using it for a week and see what happens. The last night I used it, my skin burned and was red like a sunburn. This was before applying anything on my skin.
  14. I've been having the same exact problem. Skin was fine with my old routine but decided to change it up and now it's all over the place I have closed comedomes as well and a lot of surfacing pimples. I used a prescription, stopped for a few days due to irritation and used a precleanse for a gentler wash instead of my BP which has made me totally breakout. I stopped using it on Sunday and I fear it'll take a few weeks to fully clear. I'd recommended to eliminate products except face wash/toner
  15. I didn't quite have the same reaction but my eyes did sting for a few days after starting my prescription. I started putting my regular moisturizer around my eyes which seemed to help when my eyes became dry. I also make sure the wash/products don't get anymore near my under eyes or eyebrow. It also could be allergies, as this season is terrible. Maybe try a Clairitin or Benadryl? Hope it calms down soon.