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  1. when you mean 3/4 shot of ACV, do you mean Undiluted. 3/4 shot is of a little shot glass? the short ones? I have been drinking 2 tbsp of Bragg Organic Apple Cider mixed with 16 oz of water. but have not seen any major result. maybe too much water..pls advise
  2. Hi Cassandra: I'm also using Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar as a toner though in the morning. I don't mix it with water, and it's the only thing that HELPED with my OILY SKIN. The ACV didn't really help get rid of my cystic acnes though. Last night I started using Tumeric Powder mixed with water and applied it to my problem area. I could have sworn the cystic acne on my temple has gone down in size, not as taut and swollen. i really hope this can work, its so cheap and natural. I bought D
  3. LPN I trust you are not trying to sell Tumeric. That guy is just sour. Don't listen to him. I am trying your tumeric paste right now. and last night too. i could have sworn the cystic acne near my temple has gone down in size in just one night. This I know coz last night my husband just said how BIG my cystic acne was, it was hard and filled with pus, with tender skin around it. looked like it was ready to burst, but i applied the tumeric and this morning even though it is still there, it's not
  4. Wow you are so daring. I have bad red marks from the multiple cystic acnes I have had the past years. I have done several checmical peeling, only to have new cysts popping up. I figured I can't have any treatment until all my cystic acnes cleared up or the scars will never go away. Everytime I get any type of acnes, mostly cystic, the red marks will stay there forever. Right now i'm getting them on the jaw lines, and lower cheek, near the chin. they are huge, painful and with pus inside, i just
  5. Hey do you use the Tumeric Powder and mix it with a little water? Or you buy the actual TUMERIC and press it to get the juice out? Thanks
  6. Hi: I know it may sounds gross. I have been drinking Organic Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with PURE honey daily. Just take 2 tablespoons, mixed with 16 oz water, and 1 tbs honey. This is supposed to be detoxifying for your body. You can also try applying the Apple Cider Vinegar directly to your cysts. It might sting but vinegar is supposed to kill the bacterias or dry them out. Then if you have Benzoyl Peroxide (oxy/clearasil) apply them a whole lot on the cysts, after the Apple Cider Vinegar has
  7. I just buy Nature's Made 30 mg Zinc, which is a form of Zinc Gluconate. That is reported to be the one for acne. Some people take 50 mg twice a day, some say your body only absorbs 30 mg anyways. So I just take one pill 30 mg daily, been on it for about a week and have seen no result yet. Question on the aspirin mask. Is your face oily and acne prone? If so, didn't the aspirin mask irritate you and make you break out more? How do you do the mask, do you just buy uncoated aspirin, how many mg?
  8. Don't feel sorry. I share your experience. I have 4 cystic acnes that are huge on my jaw they are painful as hell. I used 5% BP too and it's been a week and it has not gone down in size. Another cysts near my right temple near the hairlines is Gigantic. If you want to try another thing that might not hurt, it has helped me a bit. Buy any ORGANIC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. Wash Your Face. Apply the Apple Cider Vinegar Directly, UNDILUTED, not mixed with water, just pure straight to your acne. Use co
  9. I noticed you said you still have some oil in your face even after using the combos. I am 32 and have 10/10 oily face factor. I can soak up 3-4 blotting paper just in the morning after I wake up. So tired of trying many many things including BP which did not work by itself, I read an article that talks about Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. I used it as a toner after I wash my face, then still apply 5% Benzoyl Peroxide after the toner for my acne, and it works. My face has been pretty dry for the
  10. I'm in your situation. I can soak up 3-4 blotting paper. which I think it's a waste and extremely nasty and smelly too. I tried using BP 5% alone and it did not work. So I started using ORGANIC apple cider vinegar, UNDILUTED, to use all over my face as a toner. Wait till it dries, then apply 5% Benzoyl Peroxide all over. Then use LIGHT OIL FREE moisturizer. My face has been OIL Free for a week. I hope it does not wear off. The Vinegar combined with the BP works wonders for my slicky oily face.
  11. when you mentioned you have used AVC, do you mean ACV as in Apple Cider Vinegar? If yes, that was the only thing that cured my oily face. Unlike you, I have had oily face for ages. Very Very Oily, 10/10 in oiliness factor. I started using Undiluted Organic Apple CIder Vinegar as a toner after I wash my face, then followed by using 5% Benzoyl Peroxide, and a Light Oil Free Moisturizer. Thas has helped my face stayed dry for the past week. The only drawback to the APple Cider Vinegar is it can mak
  12. get this. in the morning when i wake up, my face is so oily i can soak up 3-4 oil blotting paper. within an hour it will get back to be very oily. i can't be in a room unless it's very cold. or else my oil will produce like crazy. even in the winter my face gets very oily. i tried many things including Benzoyl Peroxide, nothing worked. I even tried a product called OC8, which is supposed to help with oil. but i find that using OC8, my face was not only OILY but it was Shimmery. Even worse. i wa
  13. my face is super duper oily. and I use the Organic Apple Cider Vinegar not mixed with anything else. I tried mixing it with 1/3 water, 1/2 Dickinson witch hazel, and 1/3 organic apple cider, did not help much with my oil. finally i braved myself and used the Organic Apple Cider full strength, UNDILUTED, and it works. I have been on it for 1 week and even though I see some light peeling to my skin, my face has been pretty dry, not oily at all. I can care less about the peeling. it might do me goo
  14. I have the same problem, I would wake up in the morning, and I can see the shine from the corner of my eyes. I can soak up 3-4 blotting paper just in the morning time. So gross. I tried many products, including Benzoyl Peroxide 5%. It did not work. I was reading on many reviews, and finally tried Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Smells like stinky feet, but i would use it in the morning to swipe my face like a toner. I don't wash my face with soap inthe morning coz there is nothing to remove except
  15. Heredity plays a big role. Hormones too. My dad had serious cystic acne when he was younger. He has 5 kids, and I'm the only UNLUCKY ones to inherit this annoying trait. Not only I have cystic acnes, My skin scars very easily. I don't purposely pop my pimples, sometimes when they are so mature, even taking a shower they would pop by themselves. Then I get a hole/dent in my face, and red purplish scars that would never go away. On top of that my face is an oil well. When I wake up in the morning