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  1. HI guys, Saw my derm last week and she prescrib. me some differin and stuff... I will now try that way (with the omega 3s and 6s). I bought the ClearWave system and tried it about a month..I liked it but since I had the occasion to have a fast derm. appointment I will now follow her advice, for now... So my price is 150$. I live on Montreal's Quebec south shore, I am willing to travel in/around Montreal for someone to pay it in hand. I could also ship it but I would have to charge something...
  2. just a quick note on IBS...I had it 2-3 years ago (for maybe 3 years) when I found "my" magic pill..its called digestive advantage; its mainly probiotics. it worked 100% for me and its not real costy (maybe 10$ a month). i am in no way affiliated to them I just wanted to get the word out as I know how life can be harsh with IBS... My acne is just as bad as it was when I had IBS (I simply dont have it anymore), so ... my little take on this is that yes maybe a "bad" digestive system is bad for
  3. from what i read on the nutrition board, it does not seem too much...my pills are said to be 1000 mg, but if I read the nutrition value, they contain only 180 epa and 120 the other...so to get the 2g some talk, I need at least 5-6 pills no.... oh btw, sorry guys, I will never eliminate food. especially basic food like bread and milk. I did so for about a month and it did nothing. it may do some good for some people but I prefer to eat good things than to be unhappy. still, yes, I make some effo
  4. actually, I am not new to the BP... My skin holds it pretty well I think, reading how some's skin get flaky and all that... I think I could but bp 4 times a day and my skin would not be over-irritated (moisturing after bp). not so sure about the exfoliating thing...if my problem is hormonal, it will come back every now and then even if I exfoliate...
  5. only read about it once...why would it be more appropriate for me than omega 3, dim or epo? whats different in it
  6. actually, this photo make it looks worst than it is. but still
  7. My skin is kinda weird by I think maybe some of you can relate... Thank god, I would say I have a 80% clear skin most of the time. BUT, there's always a good 3-5 days in a month where I go wild. Mostly whiteheads, approx. maybe 4 to 6 in that period of time. I think to myself that my condition is "worst" than someone who has acne "all the time" because my peers and family see me good one day and then real bad another...It's tough. I pop some of them (please no "no picking" rent, I'm a adult), r
  8. thanks for the answer, ill try that
  9. Hi guys, I just received the Verilux lamp. Here's what written in the FAQ send in with the item: "Should I stop using topical creams and prescription medication while using the Clearwave system? Any topical creams or "cover-ups" that reduce the exposure of acne to the benefits of the blue and red wavelenghts of light will decrease the effectiveness of Cleawave. If you are using prescription medication to treat your acne, you should consult your derm. before using the unit." Ive used BP for 3-
  10. I just received the product. Ill update you guys in a week or so
  11. Hey guys. After approx. a year on dan's regimen, I grew tired of still having some tough times. His products, for me, helps healing faster but doesnt really prevent new whiteheads from forming. I decided to buy the tanda skincare system, in my last attempt before consulting a dermo (tough thing to do here, approx.3 months to see one). I will be using it after the holidays, so Ill keep you guys posted at that time... For more details, see http://www.tanda.com/
  12. Hi Arthur. I, too, suffered IBS for a good while... I have to say that I tried it all...more fibers, fruits, exercise, etc... All those things are good for you but I FINALLY found what I can call the "cure": digestive advantage pills. Those are probiotics (not chimical medic), meaning good bacterias. I buy those on the internet (rofay). Heres the official site http://www.digestiveadvantage.com/prod_ibs.html . Of course, it's not everyone with IBS who will be "cured" like me, but hey, with all th