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  1. Hey dude. Thanks so much for posting your experience... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep posting with your progress... it would mean a lot to everyone who's interested It'd be *great* if you could post some pics, even if you blot out your eyes and features etc too. All the best.
  2. UHHH !!!! LOOK at them in the second pic... http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...st&id=11720 Save the pic and zoom in on it. That is some very serious scarring, half his cheek is indented! Is that actually Brad Pitt?? I don't think so.
  3. Obviously you're young and naive, oh well, your body, your life. Don't say nobody told you so.
  4. Dude... just... ugh. Don't, seriously. Accutane is a very serious, powerful drug, and regardless of what anyone says, is still not fully understood. You really need to take care of yourself while you're on it.. My dermatologist came outright with me and said "Vitamin A is a liver toxin' ... and that's exactly what Alcohol is too. Just because you go and drink a whole lot and take whatever, and feel fine, doesn't mean that you aren't seriously screwing yourself up internally. Again, I really w
  5. Day 1 Don't notice much, skin hasn't improved or degraded since yesterday. Cleansing with Cetaphil morning and night, and applying Stieva-A 0.025% cream nightly on some of my miniscule little bumps and small scars. Noticed that my head is starting to get a little itchy.. Don't know what's up with that. Hope I'm not going to start losing my hair because of this stuff... Oh well. I'd rather be bald and acne free!
  6. Day 0 So, this is my story... I've had mild to moderate acne since I was around the age of 17... it was never really a HUGE issue and has mostly been controllable via various products... but recently I've started to get cysts which were treated with prednisone and large amounts of doxycycline... not good. I've had periods where I'll be 100% fine, and then suddenly have a breakout. So I've just, as in literally 5 minutes ago popped my first Isotane capsule I am on 10mg per day for 4 months (my
  7. OK, here's a tip... you know how when you get the duac from the pharmacy it's in a fridge? KEEP IT IN YOUR BUTTER CONDITIONER IN YOUR FRIDGE! Seriously, this seems to make it work tons better for some reason... and make sure you keep the lid on tight. Duac has been an absolute godsend for me, in combination with eating well (no dairy at all, no cheese etc), mostly salads and sushi, lots of water. I use an epic amount of it though usually, sleep with it on. peace out.
  8. I had 3 Fraxel 2's ... didn't get any breakouts... got one pustule on my chin which cleared up with a little bit of Duac, no scar.
  9. A quick check on google came up with this: http://www.sangrededrago.net/products.html Who's going to order some then? I might... :)
  10. Hey! Let us know how it goes... post progress pics I didn't know about it... if it works maybe I'll ask my derm about it next time I see him.
  11. My skin is odd. On my cheeks, the "quality" of the skin is completely different to that of my forehead or jawline. The skin on my forehead and jawline is poreless, and a matte texture, this skin is indestructible. However my cheeks has enlarged pores, horrible texture, hypopigmentation, the upside is that everything is pretty much completely smooth (as in no indented scarring, so I can only imagine that an ablative treatment would get rid of rather a lot of it. I've had 3 Fraxel's at 40mJ 8
  12. Sultana Bran was the cereal... I'd had this regularly with the normal rice dream rice milk and never had any problems... but I switched to the "enriched" version and boom.
  13. I haven't had milk for a long time, but I decided I'd try some cereal so I got this Rice Dream Enriched Rice Milk and damn it I'm pretty sure it's broken me out. I've been 100% clear up until now. Grrr....
  14. I have some prednisone tablets and I just took one for a small cyst I think is forming on the side of my cheek... is taking a single prednisone tablet dangerous?
  15. I want to get the Lumenis One IPL done, but it's used for hair removal too right? Will it make me unable to grow a beard or moustache? Has anyone tried it?