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  1. I think my pores are just too clogged for this; all those "minature" bumps are now huge... so as opposed to begining this with a few red marks and pustules, I now have about 20+ large red bumps/red mark looking things all over my cheeks and chin. The pores on my cheeks are visibly clogged, so I'm wondering if before I start this regimen again I should try to unclogg them with salycic acid or something. If my pores were clean I don't think there would be a problem with this regimen, it's logical,
  2. Ugh. I decided I should start this over because my skin felt dirty from my pilowcases, etc. So I scrubbed all the dry skin and flakes off and that was a really long process but now I'm feeling I shouldn't of done that, all those little red "dots" not look extremley inflamed and my face is all red and irritated, it looks 30x worse than it did before I washed it. Would starting again tomorrow with no washing be too soon considering I just scrubbed my skin for about 20 mins, or what??? Please someo
  3. Hey again guys; no new major breakouts aside from a few red dots and microscopic white heads. Still have my 3 pusptules; although ones just in healing stage, as I popped it (carefully) so basically I still have 2 pustules, I popped the other 2 but they didn't want to die... so now I'm just leaving them alone. My skins looking a little red today still, I don't look flakey at all, aside from one small small patch, but if I touch my face my skin feels flakey. When does the skin smooth out? Oh, and
  4. I think those little red dots on my cheeks are inflamed pores, I do have very clogges pores across my cheeks and that seems to be the only place the dots are. Do inflamed pores turn into pustules?? If so I think I might have to stop this regimen, because there are alot of them and I refuse to have 30+ pustules all over my cheeks. What do you all think I should do?
  5. Well, today is not so good... my face is very red again and seems to be irritated, not to metion alot of red dots/bumps are appearing on my cheeks. My forehead is kind of itchy, all 3 pustules I have currently have white heads but I'm not going to pop them because they're near my mouth. Um, there is a red spot on my chin which I have a feeling is going to turn into a zit. My skin still seems to be very oily, expecially my nose and forehead. Tomorrow will be day 5 of no water, I'm going to stick
  6. Hey again everyone, well my skin tone is improving everyday which is really nice. My skin isn't flaking yet, but isn't as oily as I expected it to be either. also about 4 itty bitty white heads appeared on my chin yesterday but they look like they will be gone in a day or two, and two of them released themselves on their own. I have one breakout (pustule) appear by my lip today so we will have to see what happens with that. Right now it's red and hurts a bit. Tonight I have to wash my hair so ho
  7. have you ever given it any thought that possibly you are oily BECAUSE of the damage? i have very oily skin also and i believe it's because of using cleansers etc. all these years. before i started washing etc. my skin was normal, it got slightly oily in the t-zones but nothing like now.
  8. hey again everyone; just updating you all. well, last night i ended up passing out before washing my face for the *last time so i guess i am begining this a day earlier then intended, lol. anyway, my skin right now i have to say is looking good, but i just woke up a few hours ago so we'll have to see what happens as the day progresses. i don't have any new pimples and also some whiteheads i had on my nose seem to be dissapearing. further then that my skin tone looks so good! i haven't seen it lo
  9. Ughhhhhhh. I am SO oily already. It feels all nasty on my skin, my foreheads itching. My skin looks terrible. It's all red, and blotchy, little bumpies all over my forehead... granted they were there before, now just accentuated. Is it possible my sebum is bad??? Should I be taking fish oil etc?? HELP!
  10. I intend to use cold/lukewarm water every so often eventually... it's just for now I'm trying to repair my acid mantle and regulate oil etc etc. P.S: Just came to let everyone know I will officially begin this tommorow not today. I was my hair every 2 or so days and today is one of those days so I just figured it would be better to start off with clean clean hair. Also, I intend to change my sheets and pillow cases before bed tonight, there not dirty, I'm just paranoid. So starting tommorow th
  11. Hi everyone... just thought I would elaborate my situation. Yes, I'm female... and yes when I go out I do where makeup, I haven't yet managed to figure out how I will remove said makeup but am brainstorming as we speak... I'm considering using oils, that would seem most logical, no? Anyway, my skin "type" for anyone wanting to know is oily yet sensetive, and then I have moderate acne with typically up to atleast 5 pustules at any given time, they are mostly on my chin/jaw and cheeks. I also have
  12. It isn't bad at all, mild I'd say... Do you sleep on you're sides by any chance? I ask because it looks as though that's the only places you have any issues...
  13. I'm not on accutane but personally I don't think this is a good idea from what I do know about accutane and hair. I think you would end up regretting it afterwards, and wishing you hadn't done it. I know there are times we all want to look our absolute best but regardless I just don't think it's worth the risk in the long term. Just my 2 cents... now, the clips, that I would do. Of course it's up to you so just give it some thought. Goodluck!
  14. omg... reading old posts i can't believe i did this . anyway, just thought i'd let people know how this turned out in the end.. it actually somehow cleared my skin fairly well, but i have closed comedomes... like little white bumps all over, and it didn't do anything for them. it worked very well though for pustules and it made my skin soooo soft and smooth. on the negative side, it seemed to me to be clogging my pores and my skin always felt kind of ugh having it on all day so i stopped. my ski
  15. i am trying this. will update in a few days.