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  1. It's hard to decide because I was using both Dan's New Moisturizer at night and Olay Classic in the morning because I'm out in the sun so I need the SPF. I stopped using Dan's Moisturizer because of how bad it felt on my skin, such an extremely hard time absorbing in my skin and left me rubbing my face for like 5 minutes, and bottom line it just did not really keep my face moisturized, so I am hoping that is the moisturizer that led to the break-out. Or should I also stop using the Olay too? Th
  2. I've really been on the full 3-step regimen for a little over a month now (cleansing+bp+moisturize), because I never really used moisturizer because my face is naturally oily. So for many years I've just been doing the regimen without the moisturizer. So I've just been cleansing and using BP. I finally decided to start using Moisturizer ending of December after reading how Oily skin needs Moisture as well. And now my face seems to be worse than ever. (I use the classic OLAY gentle formula wi
  3. If you stop when you are clear you will just break out in 2 weeks of not using the BP treatment. BP acts as oxygen that kills the bacteria, so if you don't put that on, the bacteria will just form and give you acne again. I'll definitely spend the money the rest of my life much like I spend the money on Shampoo, Soap or Food. I want to keep my face clear as long as the regimen keeps working.
  4. Thank you Brandy. It gives me a little hope. I will stick with the Olay classic at night and see how that turns out. It's strange, I just stopped using the New Moisturizer for 1 day and already I feel like my papules and redness are getting a bit smaller.
    NOTHING TERRIBLE! Very Thick Cream Does NOT Absorb quickly, You need to sit there in front of the mirror rubbing your face for like 10 minutes before it all absorbs. Your face DOES NOT stay moisturized. After 3 hours your face will feel VERY TIGHT and DRY!! Made my face more red, STUNG my face when I applied it (because it has Alpha Hydroxy Acid in the Ingredients!!!) and blemishes more vibrant. Awful. Ive been using Dan's New Moisturizer for a month now and I just absolutely hate how
  5. Ive been using Dan's New Moisturizer for a month now and I just absolutely hate how thick it is over your face, and how it stings my face and takes FOREVER to absorb!! agggh I almost feel like when I see my face in the sunshine it shows off all my acne and imperfections in my skin because theres a huge layer of thick cream over it. Man. I am sticking with OLAY Classic Gentle Formula with SPF, but my only problem is... would it be OK to use this OLAY moisturizer at night? especially since it ha
  6. Just letting you know that I did this for the past 3 days and I completely BROKE OUT in like 4-5 huge underground cyst looking pimples that never surfaced on my jaw line up to my cheeks on my left side only, but you could see the circle underneath my skin. One surfaced and I popped it and all that white crap shot out onto the mirror. So I'm back to just using THE ORIGINAL 3. Cleanse, BP, Dan's Moisturizer. After switching back to just using the Moisturizer twice a day it made the redness go a
  7. Hey, I've been on the Acne.org regimen for a few weeks now and notice Dan's New Moisturizer doesn't really keep my face moisturized for more than 2-3 hours and I start feeling dry. I really love the light Jojoba Oil and AHA+ in the Moisturizer the only problem is my face gets super dry after a few hours and it's very uncomfortable! So my question is, would it still be as effective if I switch up from using Dan's Moisturizer twice a day, to Once every night before bed, but use Olay Classic Form
  8. All I have to say is I am soo glad to be moisturizing my face now. I normally have extremely OILY skin, to the point where every time after I eat food, my face would start getting oily. I never moisturized because I loved how the BP dried my face out. But I didn't realize that only made my skin worse because my skin would be tricked into producing even more oil. I learned that Moisturizing hydrates your face and actually controls the oil, now ever since I've been moisturizing the pH looks bala
  9. 6 months for it to work? jesus, might as well just take accutane already to kill it where it stands in a months time. what about if i've been using BP for years? then I just started using a moisturizer? I've always used BP but never moisturized because my skin is VERY oily and I only recently found out that you need to use moisturizer on oily skin to control the oil, so thats why now im using a moisturizer.
  10. all I really want to know is if I will still be able to use it? probably not who am i kidding... water can get inside and that's bad right? unless I can use a pump from something else? this sucks because I waited so long for this and if I have to ship it back and wait for it again whats the point. i guess ill just stick with my Olay moisturizer and Purpose Gentle Cleanser and just use the big sized BP.
  11. So I finally received my Regimen after waiting for 2 weeks, and low and behold.. the Pumps for the Cleanser and Moisturizer have snapped off. I tried to push it back in and turn it, but it won't stay. I can push it down and the product will come out but it doesn't stay on the bottle. If I leave it off, looks like Water can get right inside the bottle. What do I do? I'm already disappointed and I didn't even start it yet.
  12. Hi guys, I am on the DKR and was kinda disappointed that Dan's Moisturizer doesn't come with an SPF.... Because I go to the beach a lot, I tend to use Target's Spray on Sunscreen, but I don't see that it says "Non-Comedogenic" on it so I am scared of using it anymore. I have had my eye out on using this moisturizer http://www.amazon.com/Olay-Complete-Defens...ef=pd_rhf_p_t_4 can anyone vouch for this one?? Also would it be OK to be using Dan's moisturizer Plus another moisturizer or would it
  13. I always go out with friends to drink and all, and I usually don't know what to get. I'll get a beer, but I heard that can actually make you break out. Then I'd drink Vodka, which I heard actually can help cleanse your pores. Does anyone know the right drinks that actually HELP acne? So whenever I go out, I don't have to worry that a drink that I get will make me break out?
  14. Well for the past few months now I have just been cleansing and applying BP. I don't Moisturize because my skin is never super dry. When I apply BP on it gets a bit dry at first but it feels good because my face is naturally super oily. After about 5 hours my face starts to get a little shine due to my natural oil. So I never moisturize. My skin seems to be super clear and only a few pimples here and there. Is Moisturizing supposed to just keep the skin from being dry? I know that I have s