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  1. Thanks for the reponse, I suppose that news is both good and bad. Good in that it doesn't say anything about the meds reducing the effectiveness of one another, and bad in the whole increased chance of brain swelling thing... Anyone around here taken Isotretinoin and an antibiotic both? Anyone?
  2. Honestly, I do regularly. Though I have many years of experience. In order to pull this off, you have to be very experienced, and downright talented, find a color that blends perfectly with your skin tone (very very difficult), apply a great foundation first, and really become your own make-up artist. Only apply in front of a VERY well lit mirror, preferably full spectrum florescent light, and check in dimmer/yellow light before going out. Alway use a smaller mirror to check all of the places th
  3. Too bad you can't get disability for fucking acne. Seriously. I kinda think people should; I mean is is debilitating in a sense. Maybe if you had a *really* good attourney, and a *really* sympathethic jury, and had your counciler testify to your credit... Hey, there's an idea. Have you seen a counciler? Just a thought. Anyways, I'm employed with fucking acne. And I have to see people all day... ...every day... ...except weekends, and then I hide at home and shun friends because of how shit
  4. I really didn't want to get into this here; but yeah, Wiki says around 10,000-15,000 I.U. is the "upper limit" for vitamin A retinol taken orally. 10,000 IU is roughly equal to 1mg; which means I would have to take apx. 50 of these vitamins a day to equal one average dosage of Accutane (40mg); when in fact I am taking 4 (=apx. 3.2mg). Now, savvy dermatologists are prescribing a low "maintenance" dosage (usually around 2-5 mg) to Accutane patients whom have finished the normal (average 4 month) c
  5. i tried the one with aloe... hated it then returned it and got the plain one hated that one and returned it too im so close to just saying f**k this all and not using anything ... is moisturizer/cleanser REALLY necessary for our skin? i have friends who have perfect skin and they dont use a single thing. just water
  6. Well its been 2 days with no benzoyl peroxide and no new zits. I may be jumping the gun here, but I am feeling really good about kicking the BP to the curb. That shit is so terrible for your skin, it just ravages it. I haven't tried SA for many years because I had (as a teenager) decided it didn't work, and that BP was the only over-the-counter topical that helped prevent breakouts. And actually I'm guessing that clearasil and other shit probably still wouldn't help. But After two days of using
  7. Theres nothing inherently wrong with using the two together, apart from the fact that it may irritate the piss out of your skin and thus make your skin worse. If it doesn't bother you, then use/apply them however you want. If it does overly irritate your skin then... you know... maybe stop doing it. Regards Oh uh, P.S. You probably know from checking out this site that in clinical trials 2% BP is just as effective as the 10% with far less irritation. You may want to look into a lower %... just
  8. Fucking shit I couldn't be more upset with how I look right now. Went from virtually clear to looking fucking terrible in like 2 fucking weeks. I think I developed a terrible allergy to AHA, wrote about it in this other thread. Now I'm just fucking trying to hide and hope that things get better. I think I'm going to try and strike a deal with whatever kind of diaties will listen. So if any demigods etc. happen to scout acne.org for desperate souls willing to make a deal... here I am. I'll trade
  9. I used 10% glycolic acid lotion for like 3 months and I really believe it helped a lot with my skin. When I first started using it, of course it really irritated my skin, but after a month or so of using it, my skin responded much better. I got pretty much clear for a couple months and thereafter didn't use the glycolic acid very much. Anyway, in the last couple of weeks I started breaking out again, so I stepped up the usage of the glycolic acid. Before it had really helped stop zits from sur
  10. my gf's mother has been doing nothing but drink, smoke, and take fist-fulls of pills for the last 35 years. and yet the doctors can't find a damn thing wrong with her. so barring any freak accidents, she will continue to call at all hours of the night, leaving crazy drunken messages on our machine, and threatening to move in with us for god knows how long.