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  1. Yup. I'm ending it at month 5. I know I've come this far and why not do an extra month. But I've been on 100mg the last two months, I'm wayyyyyy over my cumulative dose, and I've think I had enough accutane. Especially after this incident. I have enough stress. I'm getting married in 2 months, and I really just want to be off of it... and be able to enjoy my bachelorette party at the end of May. So I've decided to deny the 6th month. Congrats to you! I hope your 5th month is your final month
  2. I think I'm cool up until I start PMSing... which I never got before tane. I am so snapping. Its almost as if I can't control my emotions, and I have to take a step back and breathe before I react.
  3. I never I couldn't be, but theres always that what if factor that creeps into your mind. Thanks... I need hugs. And to be honest, not even sure if I wanna do a 6th month of this. I'm planning a wedding... I have enough stress and drama.
  4. I lost and I just started working out again about a month ago. I lost about 5 pounds previous to that. I cut out a lot of alcohol and ate better and drink a ton of water.
  5. So I went to my derm on Wednesday morning for my usual check up. I knew I was going to due an additional month since I broke out about 2 weeks ago. Instead of my usual half hour wait I was called in almost immediately. Usually, her assistant comes in first and asks me questions about my mood, side effects, and so forth. Instead the doctor comes in with the assistant right away and questions me. She then goes "I don't mean to get personal, but have you been sexually active this month." I say yes,
  6. Sorry to hear that! Hopefully you will stay clear, and also get better!
  7. As I suspected... my derm suggested I stay on accutane for one more month after getting 2 new cysts into what was supposed to be my final month. I am kind a bummed... but hey, what could you do? I mentioned the stress do to wedding planning, and she said she really doesn't know cause most people on accutane aren't planning a wedding.... I reckon after I'm off this I can finally drink and can relieve some stress lol. Just wanted to keep you guys posted. I am also thinking of doing just 3 more wee
  8. I'm chicken sh*t and haven't tanned yet, but I love your advice megameg! Will try soon! Thanks.
  9. Can you say more about this diet thing? I'm going into my 4th month and still covered in those stupid little under the skin whiteheads and get like 2-5 huge pimples a day. I think the toxicity of accutane can be damaging to the liver which probably make acne worse (this is my 3rd course of accutane and i liked it cuz it worked but not anymore) HENCE, the curiosity in the holistic approach...Do you eliminate anything in particular?
  10. I've done it twice, and at both times I've broken out after it. I am 4 months 2 weeks in, did mystic tan on Friday, and now I have 2 new cystic pimples. Not sure if there is any correlation, but I'm not doing it again!
  11. I hate to sound like an info-mercial... but you must google "Its a 10 Hair Mask." My hair was soooooooo dry, and I color it. Its like 30 bucks and lasts a long time, I swear it hasn't felt so nice in a lonnnnnggg time. I'm talking way before accuatne long.
  12. My derm acts like I should've been 100% clear 2 months ago. PS. I'm on 100mg of this shiz for the last 2 months... and I'm well beyond my cumulative dose. And above 150 mg/kg.... Should I just stop at 5 months???
  13. Thanks for all your replies. I am going to the derm tomorrow. 4 1/2 months into treatment with only 2 weeks to go. I know she is going to put me on another month. This truly stinks.