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    getting rid of my acne! scrapbooking, reading, spirituality. I'm also trying to lose weight..
  1. I had a good one. They used steam and several products I ended up buying. I'm just bad at keeping with a regimen. The lady did extractions as well which felt weird. It cost around $90 at the lil spa I went to. It worked, but like I said, you have to keep up with a regimen.
  2. I use it more often than other stuff. I have dry skin too and exfoliate everyday. If you don't it can look weird. I don't break out more when using it even if I stupidly fall asleep with it on. It covers everything too and it has to with me.
  3. I had two above my eyebrows and the doc sliced them open with a scalpel, then took out the what looked like a rock. They had hardened. I did have stitches and they left not very noticeable scars. I have to watch them for other zits though. I don't want more. My problem is popping or picking. I so need help with that more.
  4. I went to a spa this past weekend and had a facial for acne. The lady recommended this stuff for my scars. I almost bought it but didn't want to go broke; it was $50+. I have the OLAY DEFINITY CORRECTING PROTECTIVE LOTION WITH SPF 15 that is supposed to help produce collagen. A lady at my work suggested it because she had scarring too. Any opinions? If it sounds good I may get it this Friday when I get paid.
  5. Ask your doctor to be evaluated for anxiety. It can be linked to acne, but it actually causes acne as well.
  6. I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety with depression. My doctor put me on Lexapro which sort of helped, but speech class is a big problem for me. I have a friend that has to take it so I'm going to try to take it with her. The sad part is I was taking it last quarter and doing better, but then my teacher humiliated me in front of the class for no reason which only made it worse so I dropped the class. liquor
  7. I couldn't even get mine to work. Im wondering if the guy on e-bay screwed me.
  8. hello. Im a newbie and was wondering how long it took for the products to arrive? LoL I want to get started dangit! I used paypal by the way.