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  1. Itching has many causes, some relatively short lived and benign, like itching from contact with poison ivy, and some more serious, such as as cancer or liver disease. If you have any itching conditions you should always have them evaluated by a doctor. Itching may be caused by a variety of conditions including: Fungal infections, such as vaginal infections and athlete's foot Candiasis / other types of yeast overgrowth Mold allergies Vitamin A over load Pregnancy - thought to be du
  2. I heard about Acnexus last november and cautiously bought it. Once I started using this, my blemishes quickly disappeared. I used to think I was goin to be an old lady and still have ugly pimples and have dry sensative skin! Not anymore, I know I sound like some sales person thatis trying to sell this, but I'm not. I have gotten so many compliments on my skin. This is so worth buying! I'll never try anything else!!