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  1. Sydnor

    Great Results (But w/ a Cost)

    I've been on Sotret for about 4 months now.<br /><br />2 months @ 40mg/day, then 1 month @ 60mg/day, then bumped to 30 mid-way through my fourth month after a moderate allergic reaction.<br /><br />There results have been fantastic, but the side effects have also been pretty severe: moderate joint pain, extreme muscle pain, easy sub-dermal injury and slow healing process... CHAP LIPS (like, stinging and bleeding), VERY dry eyes... An allergic reaction that left my entire
  2. Day 8 Still lookin' better than before. Too busy to say much more than that, other than I had a bout of dry eyes today that sucked.
  3. Day 7 Almost one week down, and my face is already looking MUCH better. I am a lucky one. With the exception of dryness ... all over my body... and thirst, the side effects have generally subsided. Hopefully I don't see one of those "initial breakouts" I've read about... ::knock on wood:: Progress: - Continued reduction in the swelling of cystic acne, no visible pustular acne. - Mainly "spots" where acne swellings used to be. - Redness has become fainter, more of a pink. - Nicer complexion
  4. I've had tinnitis for as long as I can remember, so I can't use that as a sign... But I also have had the lower back pain. Never read either of those as signs for kidney problems. Where'd you read that?
  5. Day 6 Same-old, Same-old. Lips are getting dryer, stuff is in a bit of a fluctuation. I get a little oily every now and then. Still optimistic. I am going to start deleting pics from prior posts because I can only use so much space on this blog. Rest assured that I am still taking them, though. If you want to see pics I have deleted, just let me know.
  6. Day 5 Just a quick update: Each day seems to be a part of a cyclical process where it gets a little bit better overall, even though it sounds worse in some way. Today I see a couple of puss-filled lesions on my chin that are smaller than what I'm accustomed to seeing. The rest of the acne lesions which became red marks are starting to fade, and I can see zones in my face that are becoming absolutely clear and healthy-looking. Most of the side effects have become so mild that they aren't m
  7. One month down! Congrats. Let us know how it goes, and what your doctor thinks about the boost. I don't think you'll necessarily get it, simply because this is a proportion-based drug (i.e., bigger people get more). 20 mg is a huge increase. Still, GL!
  8. Yeah, I'm feeling a dryness in my nose that makes me believe that I'll get a bleed at some point, lol. But so far, it hasn't been so bad. I hope your effects work themselves out soon. Keep posting!
  9. Day 4 Progress: Good - So far, I have noticed an overall reduction in the oily complexion of my skin. - I have seen a complete elimination of pustular acne, and a reduction in the size of all cystic acne. - In the past 12-18 hours I have seen reduced redness of acne spots. Bad - Acne spots have cropped up in places I don't normally have problems - notably, my forehead. > This may be due to the temporary increase of oil I observed yesterday. Side Effects: - The big headache went awa
  10. Day 3 Waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. But that's no surprise considering how much water I'm drinking. The headache has almost disappeared. Status: Skin became oily at some point. Continued to see a reduction in size of cystic and pustular acne, but an increase in redness. Mood: Optimistic I might try to play soccer or run a track meet tonight, or salsa with some beautiful ladies if I'm lucky. Lol. I'll let ya'll know how any or all of that goes.
  11. I am currently experiencing a headache that feels like a permanent hangover. I've also experienced the dry eyes and this warm discomfort in my ears like an infection.
  12. Um, my derm really wanted me on the Brand Name and referred to most generics as "garbage." She would have preferred Amnesteen over the other generics, saying that it produces more modest, but comparable results. But I have Tricare Prime insurance as a military dependent (for exactly 6 more months, LOL... just enough time to finish the regimen), so I am stuck with either Claravis or Sotret generics without preauthorization. Basically, I have to prove that the generic doesn't work for me befo
  13. DAY TWO (1st entry) Subject: 22 year-old Caucasian male, approx. 5'4" & 118 lbs. (I look much younger.) Affliction: Moderate Acne vulgaris, especially blackheads and pustules, with episodic nodules and cysts (painful). I have been dealing with acne since I was about 13 years old. Neither of my parents had it as bad as I do, and I don't have it as bad as my brother. Prior treatments: Several antibiotics, Topicals and Treatment Regimens. Prescription and OTC. Did try Proactiv, whi