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  1. Good luck to you but it didn't work for me. This is what happens to me every 1-2 years because I have a problem learning from mistakes. 1) Differin and Clindamycin clear me up 98-100%. 2) I continune their use and love life 3) I go into a period where I'm financially strapped, or change jobs and don't have insurance yet 4) "Well I look great, I can go without the stuff. I look like I've outgrown acne anyways." 5) Short time period elapses of no problems, and then... 6) "Mom can you please pay a
  2. I had success with my first bottle from the diana (or diane?) vyonne.com but the last bottle never came even after paying extra for 6-10 shipping (one month ago). Their customer service never responded to my two e-mails. Where is everyone getting theirs from?
  3. It's all shiny and wrinkled, uneven, and so on (but clear of blackheads). What's the deal? What can be done? I have to use one or both of these products daily to keep blackheads in check, so do I have to choose between uneven skin and clear skin?
  4. Ok I'm finally back on track. I needed my skin to recover from excessive peeling and redness due to over zealous liberal applications of Mandelic. Never splash a shit load on your face to speed up the process. This only peels your skin, creating dead skin, making blackheads. It's like I had to start over from scratch. After 4 days of Mandelic twice a day, and Paula's choice Salicylic gel at night, I'm finally on pace to rid myself of the blackheads.
  5. Mandelic is working really good but the big blackheads on my nose don't look like they've changed a bit. I forced one out a few days ago and am recovering from a massive red/peeling catastrophe from the squeezing. I have to tell myself no more squeezing but it kind of sucks only the little ones seem to disappear so far.
  6. I'm not giving up. My problem is that this stuff gets rid of small blackheads rather quickly but leaves the big boys behind (but at least loosens them up so you can squeeze em out). Instead of just waiting for the stuff to naturally rid me of them, I end up trying to squeeze the ones left behind, then my skin is broken and red and then the alcohol makes it peel. I just need to not squeeze, but how hard is that?
  7. No topical cures acne. Hell, not even Accutane will cure your acne (forever). If you find something that works, buy it and keep buying it. Unless you've got an alternative?
  8. I capped top with index finger and put about 3 of those each under eyes down to bottom of nose to cover the inner cheeks. How long have you used Mandelic Roy? What brand? How much do you use and how often? I found dipping a q-tip in the bottle not wet enough. Damn.
  9. Bad personal news. I used to much Mandelic the other night and now parts of my cheeks are flaked out or red. This really sucks because don't blackheads begin with unexfoliated/flakey skin covering suffocated pores? I'm gently rolling my fingers over the flakes in the shower because I know what's going to happen if I don't. By the time the redness and flakes are gone I'm going to be at square 1 with all my blackheads back. I'm so depressed!
  10. How far do you stand away from the mirror? I look terrific from 4 feet away but then I realize that that's 8 feet away in real life.
  11. Question for those who've known of Mandelic's success longer than I have. Once you clear away all the blackheads, is it possible to cut down on the usage to say every other day or something? In a sense, actually finding this cure is "priceless," but honestly it is expensive.
  12. Read about it in the blackheads forum. The latest post from a user other than me has posted DRAMATIC results for SEVERE acne. Just look at her photos. I myself cleared acne with prescriptions (Clindamycin in AM, Differin in PM) but have been on acne.org for a few weeks researching anti-blackhead treatments. I recommend you get your hands on 15% Mandelic from whatever company you can. I personally - thanks to LionQueen ordered it from diana yvonne brand. In the following 2 months I tried vario