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  1. Dingo, i'm assuming nuts - plain nuts not roasted in vegetable oil - are fine. And you say 'fruit and vegetables is fine' do you mean fine if washed and/or organic? Butter should fine and double cream should fine as its the complete opposite of skim milk yes? I have halted inflammation with paleo diet but am working on pore size so this could help. Healthoid - what changes are you noticing, pores better? Thanks, this is helpful.
  2. What do you have for breakfast on your lower carb diet? Listen, I used to have the exact same problem when I was eating grains/gluten. I would get terrible stomach pains the day after I ate lots of bread and i'd get the pains when I ate healthy food like fruit or salad. It was like the grains were doing some kind of damage to the lining or something, and then when I ingested some 'real' food for it to break down, usually the next meal, the pain would come. It's only after I've been eating paleo
  3. Have you cut all dairy, including butter? Its interesting that you cleared around the same time as ditching dary, did you ditch the dairy before the improvement? Milk is terrible for acne, I seem to be ok with butter though.
  4. Look, you can research it till youre blue in the face but we dont know a thing until someone tries it. If someone can manage it for 3 weeks we can see some kind of an effect, although that's not near long enough, but it would be a start.
  5. Jemini, do you handle fruit ok? I'm thinking about reintroducing it.
  6. Yes, the carbs are the big one and thats the first thing i'd change. Some people tend to do well on full fat cultured dairy like cheese and plain yogurt (milk not great - IGF-1) but for now i'm substituting coconut cream until i'm satisfied enough to introduce some dairy. I would reccomend cutting out or seriously limit fruit, grains, sugar & dairy & beans until clear, then reintroduce slowly.
  7. The 'humans are not carnivores comment', or what you you imgagine to mean carnivore, I hate to say, is debatable, for some cultures at least. Dogs are omnivores but eat mostly meat in the wild, they get a little bit of veg matter from the kill's stomach and the environment. That's their evolutionary heritage. Ancient Innuit the same. Caucasians, the verdict is still not out, we evolved in a less-plant more-animal evironment. Once you switch to paleo i think its best to go with your instincts. Th
  8. Jenn, it's up to you which road you take, but i'll let you know what ive learned from reading these boards and other boards based on what results people have been getting, ie case by case evidence. 1.Everyone has a different theory, often multiple theories, that come and go and sometimes stick like a religion, often based on science designed to sell products or defend medical dogma thats been around for years. 2. No-one knows the answer. They get snippets of info from blood tests, a recent expe
  9. What Danny says may well be correct, but remember 'carbs' doesnt mean bread and pasta, it means fruits and vegetables and nuts if you can tolerate them. What i'm doing is staying low carb (meat, fat and veges) until im 100% satisfied with my skin (its gets better every week) and then I will up the fruit veg and try some nuts and see what happens. If all goes well I might try some limited sprouted grains or fermented sourdough grains, but grains arent good for a number of reasons, if you read thr
  10. What Starrybabe said - except I only take cod liver oil as a supp. The very low carb is important. All animal protein and fat, veges but NOT potato corn or beans/legumes, its the best thing for insulin resistance. Takes time but hormones should balance. I have exactly the same problems as you and i'm pretty much clear from this. Expect to feel really crap the first week or so as you adjust to the diet.
  11. You have to take loads of vit A to overdose. Studies have shown excess synthetic vit A to be toxic but no studies have shown toxicity from cod liver oil (natural version of vit A). Atkins put his patients on 100 000 IU of the stuff for acne so dont worry! a desert spoon a day is good. more fine too. Its got D in it so go easy if youve been out in the sun.
  12. Sorry I meant to say NO nightshades like potatoes and tomatoes (ive edited it). Large scale grain eating began in middle east, due to climate at the time, hence population boom, think first civilizations, think babylon & egyptians. The longer a population has been consuming grains the more likely they are to partial-adaption, however I dont believe for a second grains have been around long enough (at MOST 20k for some) to allow the entire change needed to a digestive system in order to be a
  13. Firstly, the fact that the diabetics have their symptoms immediately return upon consuming fat means they aren't cured of their diabetes. I'd say something is going on with the fuel source, who knows there are a million reasons why and how such a diet could help diabetics. But we're not diabetic. I know there might be insulin resistance there, amoung other problems, but our insulin resistance hasn't caused us to become diabetic. Something is different in us. Its like the overwhelming evidence t
  14. About the diabetic diet - that study didnt do a second group of low GI high fat so it could just as easily be the low GI aspect that improved the diabetes. I wonder if your friends (dotty) strictly did a low carb, low GI before trying the low-fat. If so, that's fascinating, it must have something to do with the body's fuel source changing. But it doesn't explain how those of us switching to a high-fat low-carb diet have cleared their acne, some who seem to have had symptoms of diabetes and eve
  15. For god's sake people, just go low-carb! So much easier. No need to worry about pills when you can eat high fat low carb! Tastes better too.