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  1. Hi 347## off the net on site www.labosmascareignes.co.uk normally you get it fast abt within a week.
  2. alls well in akno natura land for me and my friend is also seeing so much improvement with her acne. i am enjoying life (the way it should be), its a shame i didn't know about this product before and had to battle acne for so long.
  3. Because of me another friend of mine is using Akno Natura now. Her acne was not as bad as mine but she is still happy to use it in order get rid of hers and to have her face smooth.
  4. Alls well, had a great weekend. Went out and enjoyed with friends. i even wore a bit of makeup as i had a date.
  5. I know i'm not using as much Akno natura now that my face is sooooo much better. We really had to convince my mom at first to buy it as it was about £30 per pot but hey it lasted for over 2 months and now i just started on another pot which will probably take me more than 2 months to finish. go figure!!!! my mom is also saying that it was worth the small investment as taking me to another derm and medication etc would have cost much more. i'm doing great and i am very happy that my face
  6. Hi i use AKno Natura for my acne, it took about 1 month to clear my face and now i use it just for maintenance, you know when i feel a spot coming up i just apply some and wash it off after a few mins and this does the trick and in 2 -3 days the spot is gone. this stuffs organic and for me its the best thing that has worked on my face. tk Elinor
  7. 17 Jan Rec'd my new pot of Akno Natura, I was just starting to panic that it might be delayed but alls well, nothing to stress about. Had a nice weekend with friends and family on Sunday. Alls well face is doing great and I am very proud of myself for trying this product and sticking with it and not giving up.
  8. Jan 02 2008 Looking forward to this new year and hope it brings me lots of positive goodness.
  9. heya Wynne you are probably right. I haven't seen any other person on this forum using Akno natura. I am in the UK and my mom ordered it off the net so its not over the counter. it has worked really well for my skin. tk Elinor
  10. Dec 30 Been using Akno Natura 4 abt 1.5 months and very very happy with the way my face is looking. Have too get my mom 2 order another one as the pot is soon empty. I don't think i can go without using it.
  11. Dec 27 X'mas went like a breeze but it was a lovely one, one I will remember for a very long time. We all went for dinner at my aunt's house and i got lots of good comments about my face, that made me really really happy.
  12. Dec 23 Most people are in the x'mas spirit. Shopping, preparations, and wishing. I think I got my x'mas wish already, which was to have reasonably good skin and for my acne filled face to improve. Thanks to my friend who told me about Akno natura and my mom for getting it for me... my skin has improved so much that even i can't believe it. so for me thats more than i can wish for my x'mas.
  13. Dec 18 cavillor, thx for your support, it feels so good when someone notices you as a person, not the girl on the bus or next door with a face full of acne Things are going well with my akno natura daily regime. It will be soon 1 month since I started using it on my face and already the results are fab. I am proud of myself that i've been able to stick to the daily routine even though the small set back at the beginning. Well worth the benefits. Haven't felt this 'bliss' in a long time.
  14. exactly.... i am using akno natura an organic product to treat my acne now 3 weeks and it is clearing up really well. i can't imagine acne to be completely gone within 3 days i would think it takes a while to get the skin back to normality.