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  1. MY NEW DAILY REGIMIN: Morning: - Exfoliate w/ Neutrogena Wave - Cleanse w/ Clinique Liquid Facial Soap - Tone w/ Clinique Clarifying Lotion - Moisturize w/ Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion Evening: - Remove make-up with Olay Make-up Removing Wipes - Exfoliate w/ Neutrogena Wave - Cleanse w/ Clinique Liquid Facial Soap - Tone w/ Clinique Clarifying Lotion - Moisturize w/ Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion 1 - 2x per week: Clinique Deep Cleansing Emergency Ma
  2. Sorrrry it took me forever to reply on this haha. I was on Accutane from January 2008 to June 2008. I saw results probably around month 4, but I really don't remember that well to be honest. Basically, my skin was terrible during the whole thing but then at the end it just cleared up magically. I'm still clear! Although I do get the occasional pimple and it scares me to death that it'll all come back. P.S. My acne didn't really show up all that well in pictures, but it really was TERRIBLE. It
  3. So it's been a while since I finished Accutane (June 12th), but I've been LAZY! Anyway, I'm completely clear and haven't had a pimple since finishing (I'm still amazed everyday!) If anyone is considering taking Accutane...do it!! It's completely changed my life. I no longer feel the need to leave the house everyday wearing makeup. Good luck to EVERYONE still taking, or about to start taking Accutane!! And if you have any questions, feel free to post them!
  4. [Day 72] Wow, it's been awhile since I've updated. Accutane is going good! A few weeks ago my lips got really dry and my lips cracked at the corners. It refused to heal and got completely awful. Finally, after using mass amounts of Vaseline, it disappeared. My lips are really dry, but Carmex always helps. I've been fortunate enough to not have the skin on my face get dry and flaky (knock on wood), but my arms and legs get very dry if I forget to moisturize. My skin is pretty much clear, ex
  5. i am on week 4 at 40 mg twice a day. :]

  6. [Day 20] Nothing really different. Same side effects. Although I do notice that my hair is dry. It doesn't feel gross dry or anything, but usually if I don't shower everyday my hair gets a little oily, but now it doesn't. But here's some pictures!
  7. January 25, 2008 [Day Seventeen] I'm having major, major back pain. It's not constant, but especially during stunting in cheer, I have these back spasms where it hurts really bad to move. Right now, I mostly have only little bumps everywhere, except for a few whiteheads (that i popped...sue me, i can't help it) along my forehead. My lips aren't really dry, but have been peeling and from like biting my lip i now have this cut that hurts pretty bad sometimes. i've just been piling on carmex all
  8. my skin was soo oily before, but now it's drying up. i get little dry patches on my chin that are fine after i moisturize but a few hours later dry up and flake really bad. :[ it's pretty gross, in my opinion. but like you said, it's allll worth it if i can finally have clear skin! i think i'm going through my IB too as i have two big cysts on my chin (although they are finally starting to go away!) and an annoying little one on my lip.
  9. I use Burt's Bees Lip Balm and Carmex, but I find that Carmex works the best. :]
  10. January 22, 2008 [Day Fourteen] My lips are sooo chapped...I have to apply chapstick almost every 10 minutes. My skin is fine once I wash it and moisturize, but a few hours later my chin starts to peel. My cysts on my chin are almost gone but now I have a pimple right on my bottom lip. :[ My scalp itches a lot sometimes, but I can deal. I've noticed my forehead is a LOT clearer than it was when I started. I'm also sick at home with a sore throat right now, which sucks. But it gives me time
  11. January 21, 2008 [Day Thirteen] I have a huge cyst on my chin. And another one coming, I can feel it. My lips are soo chapped and the area right under my lips on my chin is getting dry and peeling, and so is the skin between my nostrils. Sickk. I look disgusting. The only thing that keeps me from getting upset when I look in the mirror is knowing it'll all be gone soon.
  12. January 15, 2008 [Day Seven] My skin is definitely still as oily as everrr during the day. I do use a really greasy moisturizer at night, however, and in the morning my skin isn't oily at all. Weird? BTW, When did you guys go through your IB?? Because my skin has started looking clearer...I did get a cyst on my chin the other day but nothing else has really popped up...hmmm.. I've also been having some lower back problems...it especially hurts at night when I try to sleep on my stomach. An
  13. January 14, 2008 [Day Six] My skin is not as oily as before, but my lips are getting really chapped. My nose on the sides is starting to get dry and flaky-ish but I exfoliated my nose before putting on make-up so it looks fine now. :]
  14. January 11, 2008 [Day Three] My skin's still really oily, and my lips aren't chapped...yettt. I got a new pimple on my chin anddd I can feel a little tiny cyst forming near the side of my nose. Ahhhhh. Just in time for the weekend, too. :]
  15. January 9, 2008 [Day One] I’m 16 years old and I’ve suffered from acne since I was about 12. Neither of my parents suffered from acne, but I did. I’ve done everything I possibly ever could to cover it up, including caking make-up on to conceal my pimples. I tried ProActiv for about a year; it got a little better but still didn’t go away. I then started Doxycycline, which lasted about 8 or 9 months. During this time I switched from ProActiv to Murad. I also started getting Murad A
  16. I'm going on Accutane starting in January. I just had a few questions. :]] 1) Is it ok to exfoliate to get rid of the dry skin? Would this help at all? 2) If I remember right, my derm recommended cetaphil for moisturizer. Do you guys have another other suggestions? 3) Okay, I'm a bit confused about the iPledge...I'm not going on birth control because I'm not sexually active. I understand I have to take a quiz online before I get my subscription. Do I have to do the test this month even though
  17. Has anyone tried this? Does it work? I got it a while ago from my facialist but just started taking it today because I've gotten desperate. What turned me off from it was that it was 2 pills in the morning and 2 at night, and they're HUGE and taste horrible. But they contain lots of vitamins and nutrients, so I'm thinking of giving it a go.