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  1. Ever since I started using acne medication to make my acne go away, my acne has become worse and my skin has become dry which as I learned, leads to the formation of even more pimples. I spent about 20 minutes looking at photos of myself from the past year, and 9 months ago I was perfectly clear of zits with few red marks. I was also swimming regularly, going to the pool at least 3 times a week. 6 months ago, myzits were few and basically on my chin, but nothing too extreme, I was not swimmin
  2. Clean and Clear Advantage Acne Control Kit
  3. So would it be a smarter move to do it only once a day? Like before bed? I think the BP in this kit is 5%.
  4. hmm I'm not sure but recently I've been using chapstick because my lips are dry and I had a huge break out just under my lip - so I'm not sure! Interesting idea though.
  5. Hmm so what is the fastest way to fix your skin up? Stop using BP and the moisturizer for a few days? I'm attempting to press on using the BP and the moisturizer though. Is this a bad idea? Like how long does it normally take for skin to gets its oil levels back to normal? 2-3 days? Anybody?
  6. Hello, for the past 2 weeks or so I've been using Clean and Clear's Advantage Acne Control Kit and noticing slow, but steady progress with it. About 2 nights ago I ran out of the 2% SA Spot Treatment stuff that comes with it, so I decided to just put the 2% SA cleanser I had left over and use that as a spot treatment, I didn't wash it off or anything. Big Mistake it seems. I wokeup with dry, flakey and cracked skin when I hadn't for about a week and noticed the formation of numerous whitehead
  7. I'm using their acne control kit for a week now, I haven't had much success with anything else but it does seem to be working... Although really really slowly.
  8. I'm using it right now, I only started using it about 5 days ago though. Have you had success with it?
  9. Well its been 2 more days now, Acne seems to be looking slightly less red, so I guess its a minor improvement. I did go swimming the other day though and that seems to have helped a bit too due to chlorine's drying out of skin and anti-bacterial properties - although my skin was really dried out afterward and extremely flaky. I had to slop on a lot of moisturizer. Anyway this is the state of affairs on my forehead and mouth area today. I'm not sure if the minor improvement is due to the chlo
  10. I am not an expert at all on acne but I recently started using Clean and Clear's Acne Control Kit - it contains a BP 5% wash, a moisterizer which has SA in it I believe and finally a spot treatment which is 2% SA. After using this stuff and following the regime the box says, I noticed a HUGE increase in pimples, however I can feel them getting harder which means in a day or two they will dry up and shrivel off... I hope. But yah I really don't know, rest assured I'm going through the same thing
  11. Hello, I recently turned 20 and I thought that I had my acne beat when I turned 19, I only had one or two spots but about 6 months ago I had a breakout that steadily became worse and worse until I reached the stage I am at now. I've got lots of pimples around my mouth, red marks around my mouth too as well as bumpy inflamed red marks on my forehead with lots of pimples as well. Its been inhibiting me socially as I purposely avoid people now so they don't have to look at it. 2 days ago I sta