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  1. I made this comment on the Fraxel thread, but I recently went through two test patches (about 1sq inch) on my temples with Sciton Profractional - one patch with 100nm depth and other with 200 nm depth. To me the Profractional looked very promising - if not for the scars, definitely to eliminates fine lines and wrinkles if you have it. The laser center I went to had 100s of before and after pictures that were absolutely amazing. The only bummer was that they had only one or two for acne scars.
  2. bellydance_me - Thanks for posting the pics and being clear about your results. I'm glad that you got visible improvements. If money allows, I think you should go for a set of six more Fraxels and you should be good to go. If I had results as yours, I really wouldn't mind the cost. To others, I think the varying results show that Fraxel may or may not work for you in getting rid of your scars. My scars are definitely more intense than BellyDance_Me's scars, and I only went for 4 treatments afte
  3. Sorry hadn't visited the board for a while. I got my Terproline from http://www.skinmed.co.uk/scarring/index.html They had a buy two get one free promotion that I took advantage of. Cost me like US dollar equivalent of 50 British pounds shipping included. It was the 50ml face cream.
  4. I personally went through 4 Fraxel restore sessions with 70MJ Treatment level 7 20% coverage each time and six months past since my last one - I got maybe at most 20% improvement, and as somebody said here in the forum if you fill a pit only 20%, its still a pit. Now I did much research on Fraxel before I took the plunge. I knew that people were not getting in results from it, but somehow my desperation got into my head and told me maybe it'll work on you because everybody's skin responds differ
  5. Thanks Billboy! Hopefully more can comment.
  6. I found that several people reported treating their scars with Sciton Profractional laser here in the board 5-6 months ago. If you guys have used this laser, can you please comment on what kind of results you got? It may not necessarily had been good results. What would also be very helpful is if you could describe what kind of scarring you have and also how many treatments you got. Picture would be even better. Thanks!
  7. I wonder if I can buy the smaller handheld unit from the LEDman. Apart from coverage, the handheld unit shouldn't be any less effective than the 700 LED array - is that right? This is what i have been telling people, they read that Light therapy doesn't improve scarring but i keep tellign them. You need combine light therapy with scar revision techniques, weather it be dermaroller, needling, peels, subscision etc. Add some topicals to the mix aswell and you get great results regardless of yo
  8. So Fraxel did not work well for you? How many times, at what level and how much have you spent? I don't know much about Total/ActiveFX - I mean they are literally coming out with new machines every single day. I think maybe someday they will create stem-cells that can regenerate scarred faces and burnt victims. Until then, I don't think anything will ever give us 100% satisfaction. Unfortunately, I don not have the time/energy to look for doctors here in Taiwan that does Total/ActiveFX
  9. Claisen, Thanks for your post and the picture. I really appreciate your insightful post and I hope that people post their results just like you did. Post like yours truly helps to know what works for what type of scars. Most of the posters are selfish .. they only seek help, but then they don't want to contribute anything in return. Good luck on your quest to get rid of the scars. You mentioned Fraxel .. I went through a series of four this past summer and I am less than satisfied with the re
  10. Thanks Dave. Most people get desperate when it comes to acne scars and willing to spend thousands without thinking twice. I myself in a hurry ventured into Fraxel .. with 3K down the drain, the improvement I got was not worth the price. I thought I did much research, but thought even 30-50% improvement was good .. somewhere deep inside me thought maybe it will work for me even better than for others. I'm sure I could have got the same kind of improvement from Dermarolling for lot cheaper. Let's
  11. Just wanted to chime in here ... pictures may not accurately portray the progress, but it provides a good expectation for the person who is considering a scar revision treatment. Everybody responds to different treatments differently based on their kind of scarring so it isn't rocket science that different techniques produce different kind of results. If the same person has tried different treatments and still not getting the results, then if that person was to post his/her pics - that'd be su
  12. Sam - Why do u keep on asking the same question .. If its by SkinMed, then yes that is the one. Only SkinMed makes Terproline. Its a brand not a generic. Lamar,is this the same terproline professional you are using from Skinmed.
  13. It looks like you still have active acne .. I would not do anything about the scars until you have the acne under control. I understand that you are tempted to work on it, but it will only lead to a bigger mess.
  14. Based on my own experience (after 4 Fraxel-II treatments), I think I have about 25% improvement in my scars. I have posted my pics in this thread and you'll see that my scars are pretty severe in that I have lots of icepicks and box scars concentrated on my cheeks/forehead. For those who are trying to decide on whether or not to go with Fraxel, my honest opinion is to first give dermaroller or skin needling a try over a course of 6 months. Now Dermaroller is not the cure all, but it is definit