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  1. Hey! I've had these spots in between my eyes for well over a two months now. I usually suffer from mild acne mainly around chin and sometime between eyes. Around two months ago I got a couple of spots between my eyse which i squeezed and thought that was it. Over time it seemed to get worse and they kept springing up, i treated them with bp and moisturizer but still they never came to a head. I squeezed them one day thinking it would pop but I think this made it worse and they seemed to conju
  2. Yeah ive tried sudocrem and the body regimen, haven't really tried aha though to be fair I might give it a go. After looking int accutane im deciding to give it a miss. I think I may start antibiotics as it has always helped somewhat im just curious about the side effects
  3. hey everyone Ive got pretty bad chest and back acne, Ive had it mild moderate for a number of hears and voer the last 6 months its got a lot worse. Ive been on and off anti biotics for around 5-6 years. Maxiumum ive stayed on one type has been aroun 12 months and ive had massive breaks in between regimes. Basically ive been to my doctors and they have given me three options: 1. Use antibiotics However They havent really done that much before, to be fair it has made it better in the p
  4. Recently bought this and the results have been alot better than using treatment. if you put it on spots when they are coming up it is really effective at stopping them from deveolping. Has anyone else had beneficial results? I highly reccomend it!
  5. I really don't want to continue on antibiotics how is it damaging my body specifically, any things i can read? I really wan't to come off them but if my acne flares up really bad i have nochance of effectively curing it. Do i slowly stop taking taking the antibiotics and maybe begin by taking a pro-biotic supplement? Thanks for the responses!
  6. Hey! Been reading a lot of good information on pro-biotics and the benefits of keeping a healthy bio-immune system. Basically Ive been on and of anti biotics for around 5 years, with maybe periods of sometimes 6 months or longer off. around 2 months ago i started taking Erythromycin after a period of 4 month when I was off and my skin had got at it's worst. After reading a lot of info on the importance of regulating a healthy level of good bacteria within your body I'm worried that over long
  7. Ive just bought some whole earth crunchy peanut butter, and was wondering how bad for acne its is. Unfortunatley it's not organic, the ingredients are : Roasted peanuts 97% palm oil and salt. How bad is palm oil for you, and specifically acne? Do you think it will have an effect. I can eat nuts and see no effect from them and was wondering if palm oil would effect me especially as it is not organic.
  8. As it is hotter throughout the day my skin has become much sweatier, oilier and greasy. My chin has begun to break out more these last couple of days, and i am putting it down to the heat. Is there any way i could stop the oil building up and clogging my pores? I dont want to wash my face anymore because it tends to dry my face up, doing more damage than good. thanks
  9. Oats are superfood, I eat at least two bowls a day! Very nutritional, low gi, good for bulking if you workout
  10. It's been mentoned on here before that antibiotics are really bad for you, ive just began a course to get rid of my acne(dieting and everything else isn't working) how bad will they be for my overall health? I dont want to stop the course because my acne will get worse and im afraid that nothing will be able to treat it.
  11. Subway isn't really that healthy, but if your going to eat there i'd go for, Wheat Bread, lose lose the cheese, no sauces,all the salads and for a filling something whole such as plain chicken?
  12. What is a acne friendly protein shake without all the artificial sugar flavourings etc? Which people have had good results, muscle wise and no detrimental impact acne wise. cheers
  13. Well ive just run out of my last tub of protein shake, and im looking for a good protein shakes which wont be bad for acne. I'm fine with dairy and the last whey protein tub didnt make me breakout so it doesnt have to be that strict i just want a good protein shake with out any shit ingredients. what shakes have people had good results with and no breakouts? cheers