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  1. Thank you, your advice was very helpful. I'm considering starting accutane if my acne doesn't clear up before the end of this year. So I think it will be exactly enough to experiment whether I'll break out when skipping the placebo week. It's just that I want to know whether people have experience before I try skipping it. Also, I notice that I do get random (small) pimples, which I don't complain about at all compared to my normal breakouts around the placebo weeks. But doesn't that mean that
  2. Hi, I've been on Yasmin (birth control) for 6 months now. And I notice that I always break out around my placebo week. My GA told me that skipping my placebo week would solve the problem. My fear is that it will aggravate it even more since there is no week for everything underneath my skin to come out (if that makes sense?). Also sooner or later I have to take a placebo week, so won't I have acne anyways? If anyone have experience with skipping your ''period'' week on birth control. Did i
  3. First of all thank you for your input. That picture wasn't that bad indeed, but I just took that a week before my breakout got bad. Since I thought it was perioral dermatitis, but then it got worse. Here's a picture how it looked like after a week (Actually shortly after the breakout and the closed comedones were almost gone) So as you can see I'm dealing with different kinds of acne which is really confusins as to how I should treat it. The pictures I showed in my original post look like c
  4. Hi, First of all I want to thank any input, I really need to gather information / thoughts so I would really appreciatie that. My dermatologist doesn't do anything for me. I was planning on switching but that is going to take too long and I have an appointment in about 2 weeks. So I wanted to prepare myself and instead of expecting anything from my dermatologist, come up with my own plan. Little story (*You can skip*) I've had acne for years, tried antibiotic and topicial. I did a round
  5. So you mean the itchy 'dots' would be the PD? My doctor prescribed me differin gel and another lotion (Since it looked red and inflamed at that time) not knowing that it could possibly be PD. But I've read on a side that differin could be used: https://www.skinrenewal.co.za/perioral-dermatitis And I bought an flouride free toothpaste today just to be sure, I'll see how that goes. I'll also cut out gluten since I have a feeling it's making this worse. I just noticed that whenever I eat wheat i
  6. Hi, So aside from my regular (mild/moderate persistent) acne I've had this weird breakout that started last week monday. I'm used to suddenly getting lots of acne on my chin but this time it's different. After the pictures I'm about to show, which was taken last week, it has spread to my nose and cheek area. In the sunlight: You can see the bumps * The other side. This happens after it's been red and itchy for a while. They start out as itchy red bumps and in a few days they turn int
  7. Spironolactone is something you have to be on for an indefinite amount of time for it to work so I would rather just do the low dose accutane if it would get rid of the problem? My acne is actually quite mild but it’s persistence is driving me crazy and I don’t want the risk of scars. I’ve heard the dose of 50 for spironolactone is the most common but I wanted to try the lowest dose possible since my acne is mild. I’ve read a lot of dermatologists say 25 has worked for many peopl Same norm
  8. I would give it maybe another month and if you're still having issues, switch BC! I think I'll do that. I actually thought about going on a second round for accutane or adding spiro but those things also take months with an inital breakouts. Do you think another BC could do the job because I just concluded that birth control overall wasn't for me
  9. No problem! It's probably hormonal. But it's only a matter of time, I would just wait it out for now. Maybe it's a one time thing, and if it happens again then you can look into it. Let me know how it goes
  10. Yes I'm also trying to keep it day by day, thank you for the advice. I try to sleep as late as possible to avoid the day and stay inside. The thing is I do that till my acne gets a little bit ''better'', which means that sometimes I can stay inside for months. How do you deal with the day by day? For example if you have school or work. Normally I would call in sick for school but I'm not confident I can go through this with university. I'm even considering cancelling this whole year. Thank y
  11. I'm in the exact same boat. I'm on month 4 of birth control without anything improving. I have two options left: a second round of accutane (I really don't want that but I have no options) or spiro. Both have so many negative effects I just don't know anymore. May I ask: ;why low dose of accutane? doesn't that take years. I'm curious about it since it didn't really cross my mind. Oh and I heard that a dosage of 50 mg works better and it takes a few months before spiro kicks in, it might eve
  12. Is this your first time getting them? I'm assuming that it's just the beginning fase of whiteheads coming to the head, atleast that's always the case when my chin gets all bumpy. It could also be a rash but usually that's more on the surface and it would itch, but you said that's not the case so I'm not so sure. It should take a day or two to see whether they'll form into pimples/whiteheads and once that happens you can put spot treatment on them to fasten the process (try not to pop) and if
  13. I can't. I stay locked up at home untill I feel that my acne isn't that bad. And if it stays bad I stay home
  14. I've experienced exactly the same. Really bad initial breakout for 2 months, and after that I was kinda clear for a while. But this week (month 4) I've had a really bad breakout on my chin and it's still ongoing, like really bad and it's spreading to my whole face these days. Do you think that I should continue in the hopes that it takes more time? Or just switch BC
  15. Yes for me I got oilier in the first 2 months