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  1. Has anyone heard of this? I'm not sure if it's a prescription drug, but it shouldn't be. I see some websites selling it online. This was prescribed to me by my derm but I haven't bought it yet. I have a new derm and unfortunately, I don't trust her well enough yet, sorry. [i'm living far from my hometown, and far from my beloved old derm].. So anyone's comments/insights will be greatly appreciated. I read somewhere that it may be an alternative to accutane? or something like that.. Coz it's eff
  2. thanks for your replies! i've checked out milia, seems like they are literally bumps on the skin and very noticeable. as mentioned, the "thing" that i am concerned about is only visible when i stretch out my skin, but is hardly noticeable when i don't. as for Keratosis Pilaris, i don't think that's it either, but i think i have some on the top and bottom of my lips.. and now that i checked out my skin again, i think i have some form of milia on my chin as well. poor chin, it has milia, kp, n
  3. please see the pic attached. the white spots are visible only when i stretch out my face/jaw.. my chin and both sides of my face has them.. any info will be great! tnx!
  4. question: in my case, i normally have non-fat milk in the morning with wheat bread and jam.. is this fine with the isotretinoin? coz i have already started to switch to normal full milk after reading posts around here and i'm not sure if it will do my cholesterol level any good.. btw, all the stuffs in my blood test were normal except for my HDL wc is way low at 23.99 versus the normal range of 41-60.. my derm told me to just eat peanut butter and everything will be alright, but i'm not really a
  5. wow, you have this too? i have been sweating more than usual during my 1st few days of iso and sometimes even now -- i'm only on my 10th day.. i was thinking maybe the weather got a bit warmer than usual, or maybe, just maybe, it has something to do with iso..
  6. hi, i'm on my 5th day of isotretinoin now (i'm using acnetrex) and i started to get mild headaches on my 3rd day. last night was the worse -- i woke up almost every hour coz of the pain. finally took a tablet of extra strength excedrin in the dawn wc started working after 45mintues. yes, i did time it, i couldn't sleep coz of the pain so i really checked my watch when it died down. my head feels heavy the whole day and i feel like another migraine-like pain is going to attack later tonight. i'm