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  1. Thank you! I'll be sure to ask a dermatologist about this.
  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH. This has been the best answer I've got compared to my former dermatologist whose advice was limited (no offense, she helped to an extent). I guess the best decision right now is going to another trusted dermatologist near my area once again. I'll be following your advice for sure! Last Question: I have one last question. What do I do with my skin that easily gets red throughout the day because of the dryness/dehydration (or however you may call it)? It seems
  3. Location: Philippines Age: 20 STORY: Not sure about these but here's my take on my skin condition: Skin condition: Dehydrated, sensitive, dry (before it was oily, but when I abused the use of actives--I destroyed my moisture barrier, so it's not oily unless I use moisturizers) This condition of mine got worse the summer before college (I'm a freshman). I was desperate of curing my acne and thought sulfur and anti-dandruff shampoos (like nizoral or nelson blue) would help
  4. Nothing happened. Only made my lips redder. LOL.

    The title says it all. Been taking this for several months. It helps with the skin, I think? Haha. The brand I have with me is Nature Made (I'm based in the Philippines).
  5. maliblues

    Zinc for Oily Skin!

    Zinc for Oily Skin!

    I've been taking it for four days and all I can say about it is how it improved my oiliness! No breakouts or purging, and no new sight of closed comedones (my WHOLE face is filled with them). The bad side here is you'll need some moisturizer, because my face got drier than usual. I hope this improvement continues though. Oh, BTW, the brand I have (my dad actually bought it) is Nature Made. I live in the Philippines and I recently took my senior high school at a public school (scorching hot >