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  1. time for an update. it is now june. i am still on ortho-tricyclen, with no immediate plans to stop taking it. my face is a bit messy right now, i am at the end of my blank/placebo/period week, so no pills. my zits now are thankfully not the deep cystic type, but annoying none the less.
  2. up until a day ago, my skin has been working well with the ortho tri-cyclen.. all of a sudden, bam! a breakout of 4 between my chin and my right cheek. weird. what is up! i hate it. the side-effect of nausea has finally gone away. thank goodness. what is going to happen when i want children? -which i have been thinking about often. is my face going to be a hormonal nightmare? anyway, i am taking my vitamins and drinking lots of water.
  3. i don't know what is up. i have two zits on my neck, one on my chest, three on my back. what the? my face looks good though. ortho tricyclen is STILL a nightmare with the nausea. the nurse said that if the nausea has not subsided by now, it probably won't, and suggested a change in pill. i opted out of changing (for now). i am sick of changing birth control pills.. i am sick of birth control pills all together! if it's not nausea, it will be something else. but while in that frame of mind.. w
  4. i appreciate the input and encouragement to 'get off the pill'.. and i do NOT want to be stuck on birth control pills forever.. however, i just don't have it in me right now to deal with the anguish of a huge acne problem.. i can't do it.. i was so severely depressed five months ago when my acne issue reached an all-time high.. i was seriously, seriously depressed. now, even though my 'fix' may be a temporary one, i at least have some sense of confidence and sanity back. not to mention less
  5. well my skin is not looking so great. not a total disaster, but little blemishes on the right side of my face. let's not forget about the THING that just healed from the end of my nose. oh i love looking like rudolph, it's fun. ortho tricyclen.. i am on my second pack. is it helping? well, at first i thought it was. the first month my skin looked radiant. now that the second month has rolled around.. not so much. i fear that my acne may come back in full swing.. in which case i will freak.
  6. well i may have spoken too soon. my skin does not look so 'radiant' today. i have two blemishes, one down by the right side of my chin, by jawline.. the other just to the left of my nose. i can't figure out what's going on. i wonder if it is a coincidence that this happens to be the week i am on my blank/placebo orthotricyclen pills. my hormones freak when left to their own devices. i hate skin.
  7. my skin is completely acne free and looks great. what i eat or drink makes absolutely no difference. how often or what i use to wash my face does not seem to make much of a difference. the stress is gone. my acne was indeed 100% hormonal. now that i am on ortho tricyclen my skin looks and feels radiant again. i thought my skin experienced good improvement during the four months i was on yasmin, but not even close to what ortho tricyclen has done. my red marks are fading and i'm not ashamed to
  8. so my current reg: morning- few splashes of water and PROACTIV toner night- oxy soap oxy chill factor ortho-tricyclen birth control pill sometimes 3-4 fiber pills daily diet- a variety of vitamins (c, e, garlic, flax seed oil, acidophilus, etc). increased water intake increased fruit, veggie intake when poss limited chips, chocolate, soda, etc.. try to avoid fried or greasy foods no meat (only because i'm veggie anyway)
  9. i have not updated in awhile.. well my skin is clear. honestly my skin is looking great. folks, there IS light at the end of the tunnel. to think just a few months ago my skin was such a mess. now it is clear again. i still have redmarks, but they are fading and have not been inflamed for a few weeks at least. i am using the oxy only once a day.. i am taking less fiber capsules (they make me feel bloated).. i am still using the PROACTIV toner on a daily basis. i have not used ACV in a
  10. Does birth control pills help? and how is your diet with being a veggie? I've wanted to try being one to save animals, but I needed some help trying to start.
  11. well my skin is looking good. (today) i am more convinced than ever that my skin problem was (is) a hormonal issue. i'm going to be switching birth control pills from yasmin to orthotricyclen soon.. hopefully that won't cause too much of a ripple. i've started taking my fiber pills at night before bed only (about 6). they make me feel a bit bloated, so i would rather feel bloated during the night while i am asleep. i've been using the oxy about once a day now. twice a day is just too severe o
  12. it is very very cold (freezing cold) where i live. as a result, my redmarks have been a nightmare. what's the point of being 'acne-free' if your entire face is red with dots anyway? i am very depressed about the way this looks. and then there's the cyst on my left cheek that is just sitting there.. not responding to any spot treatment.. not drawing to a head.. nothing. sitting there. it's great.
  13. my redmarks looked ridiculous today.. completely inflamed. i don't know why? cold weather? made me feel like i am not making any progress.. self esteem blow.