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  1. This is nothing man, and yes with time it'll heal. Don't focus on what others may think of it...their opinions don't matter.
  2. First of all, you have an INCREDIBLE smile (guys love great smiles):) You're a pretty woman, and your case isn't that bad. I'd say let time take it's course, it's only temporary. Don't pick! Don't use stuff that will burn the crap out of your skin! Other than that, keep living your life and know that if could always be worse. P.S (you're beautiful! Don't think otherwise)
  3. Funny, I used the same for my skin alongside with tea tree oil. I want to stress the fact that products will never solve your acne, only YOU will. By placing too much emphasis on what others think of you, as I did myself this is a BIG mistake. Focus on your goals, keep your head high, don't allow ANYONES negativity shatter your inner self-worth. What others think, isn't your problem only a reflection of who they are as a person. Focus on how your experience can help others overcome this. Always
  4. I've seen lots of threads on people facing this issues, as I did myself. Are you feeling this way? Do you believe a single, or multiple products will gain back your confidence? What are things that you do to prevent from being stressed, upset, ANGRY, due to the way acne has effected you?