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  1. Late last year I started taking Roaccutane (as it's known in Australia) because my skin was soooo bad. I had severe cysts and pust nodules all over my skin. My skin was more red than anything from scarring and acne. Roaccutane was a pain in the ass. I was going to be on it for 6 months, and I had a hard time with the eye itchiness, tiredness alllllll the time, dry, flaky skin. It is horrible stuff. All of which I was willing to put up with though for clear skin for the first time. In my secon
  2. 53 DAYS I swear every time I think it's gettin better... it gets bad again! I have the sorest pimple I think I've ever had before in my life on my lip and my jawline/mouth area is shocking, and have two pustules on my forehead. What the hell??? I know every time I write a blog I'm frustrated... but it's just so damn annoying!! I'm waiting for something here... even a small improvement would be great - but honestly I dun seem to be gettin any where. My lips seem to be drier than usual lately as
  3. 51 DAYS The last entry for some reason did not end up saving on my blog??? Does anyone know why the gallery has been disabled also?? Anyway, the other day I noticed that my skin had considerably cleared up seemingly overnight. I woke up and went straight to my sisters room to show her. It is still the same now as it was the other day. The only thing I can put this down to is fish oil tablets. I just started taking them last week and they seem to be doing the trick for me. I take 3 a day (of
  4. 48 DAYS So I just came back from the doctor and he gave me another prescription and kept me on the 40 mg per day. I asked if I should be upped in my mgs or not, but apparently given my weight (54 kg) I am on the right doseage. I also asked how likely it is that my acne will come back after finishing my 6 month treatment to which he told me it is highly unlikely although it does happen to a small percentage of people. He told me that I will start to see the effects of Roaccutane after the two m
  5. Thank you all for your replies. I am going to have to really, really make an effort to stop picking and drink water... I know you're all right!!!! I'm off to the doctor in 5 minutes to get another prescription (I ran out last night!!) So hopefully he doesn't tell me to go back to the derm to get it. And zxcv - I have now adopted the hairband method!!! Thank you for your suggestion!!
  6. Thank u and a very happy new year to u to.

  7. Wishin u a happy new year!

  8. Hey - I'm only just over a month so I can't really empathise... but I used to be dead against moisturiser because it would jus clog my pores n make it so much worse... QV moisturiser is the bomb. Well - it worked wonders for me... not sure if u can get that in the US or wherever u are tho. Also I use a combination of Cetaphil cleanser and Neutrogena Gentle Skin cleanser... maybe you should try Neutrogena?? Also just curious - have you been on 40 mgs the whole 4 months???
  9. 46 DAYS PLEASE CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHEN THIS STUFF IS ACTUALLY GOING TO WORK!!! I took pics this time so you know exactly what I'm talking about... it's just not getting any better!!! I have an appt wit my GP tomorrow - but I think I might have to go back to the Derm. Can someone tell me why I'm not seeing any improvement yet?? Is it too early being only 46 days?? Do I need to increase my dosage (I'm only on 40mgs a day)??? I really don't know what to do to make this better and it's driv
  10. you just made me extremely happy.. thank you!! i guess i will find out what happens in a couple of days..
  11. 40 DAYS This stuff isn't doin sh*t... my skin is less oily still don't have to wash my hair as much... no side effects any more to report. My face is exactly the same as it ever was. I'm seeing no improvement whatsoever except cysts. Why isn't this stuff working for me???
  12. haha very funny u know what i mean.