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  1. so the dead skin on my face got to be too much for me , so i did i dead sea skin peel (very gentle exfoliation , just rub in a circular motion on your face and the dead skin clumps up on your face and you just rise it off , its a jel-base so for the most part i dont think it took too much from my skin) i rinsed it off with tap water big no-no i'm aware , but i don't picture myself sticking with this regimen for over one month i think im going to modify this regimen for myself , and only wash
  2. i think i'd take dead skin over acne anyday , as loong as i know that my skin is attempting to heal itself and it'll be better in the long run , then im perfectly fine with anything . and besides , underneath that dead skin will be some nice skin soon enough ! i think i just feel good knowing that my body is trying to heal itself , so i don't hold my skin up high on a pedestal anymore like when i did when i was using bp or other regiments, in the hopes that my skin would get better immediately
  3. so i've just reached the verge of day 4 , and i think that i'm extremely happy with the results i've been getting . i cheated on the first day and splashed my face with water after some serious exercise , but i don't think that changed much . overall my skin is a little bit flakey , but in all the right places , namely where i had a couple cystic marks healing on my cheek. i'm actually surprised that going into this , i had a couple active whiteheads , but now they've dried up and are beginning
  4. i'm moderately skeptical to try out this regimen , but i'm kinda confident that it must work to a certain degree because our skin should be able to heal itself without all the chemicals that we're throwing on it , and it doesn't really make me feel good knowing that i have to wake up 20 mins earlier just to dry out my skin and slather on moisturizer and have my face looking like a red beet . LOL oddly though i think i may have indiscriminately done this regimen because i used to have alot of bl
  5. alright lol. I did note that alot of people were using differin at night, but I figured that I should use BP at night because sometimes it makes my skin really red and looks agitated, and I wanted to avoid these side effects by simply using it at night when no one can see my red skin but thanks for your tips everyone.
  6. Okay so. I know about differin's initial breakout, and was wondering if this could be kept limited by using BP. My normal routine includes a face wash, apply the differin in the morning, and then put on the moisturizers. Just before I go to bed, I do the face wash, apply my BP, and then moisturize. I've been doing this for a few days now and I can safely say that my skin isn't feeling too dry, mostly attributed to the excellent moisturizer that I'm using Anyways, would it be safe to use 2 acn
  7. SOOOO here I am, after I've been on a very healthy diet within the past two weeks in comparison to what it used to be. I think the main reason I ate really poor foods was because I would never get fat regardless of how much fatty foods or processed foods I ate. Anyways, I would like to recieve some opinions regarding the vitamins and supplements I am taking, and if they should be doing some good for me. So far, for the past 2 weeks, I've been taking 1) Daily multivitamin - once a day 2) Zinc