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  1. Considering no one else found this post to be worth a respond id figure I might as well make a comment on your post Raymond. Well I'm glad to hear that you are coping quite well with acne, but some of your comments about acne being a blessing just sound downright stupid. Nobody wants to have acne or anything that would make them less attractive to the oppostite sex and even if you are a great person beaming with good kharma, having acne on your face still sucks ass. There's a ton of psychologi
  2. Hey I have been on the regimen for like only a few days and I can't believe how good my skin is looking. I can't remember the last time I looked so clear and the bp is working great! My question is though, I have been applying 2.5% bp to my chest/back acne and it gets pretty dry. Not as dry as my face but I'm wondering if I need to be moisturizing twice a day on my body as well as my face.....???? Also while the Bp Gel has cleared me up fantastically, it has also drys my face up real good, not
  3. Oh Texas, I see. Thanks for your help
  4. its been a week and I live in california.... Isn't that were the bp gel is manufactured. Well Anyways I'm just curious so if anyone who has bought the stuff, lemme know because I'm going out of town for the weekends and if it comes by UPS I probley wont be able to bring the bp with me considering the UPS truck comes so damn late. Thanks
  5. So yeah like an idiot, i use to scratch and such....thats pretty much how the entire upper portion of my back spread to what it once was, acne infested. My face breaks out less and less these days almost to 100% clear, yet I'am stuck with these lame bacne red marks!! I have used a couple of products <Neutrogena Body Scrub with Beads>, that did absolutly nothing and I applied it morning and night in the shower until the whole bottle was gone, totally a waste. Then recently I have used Pa
  6. Well I guess to One Disagrees with paul...... Thanks
  7. <-----Is pool water good for Face Acne/ Body Acne ------> ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????