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  1. Im currently using a salycilic acid toner but it doesnt seem to help a whole lot. i still break out constantly and i dont really know what to do, it seems that accutane is my only option left if i really wanna get rid of this acne but im totally unsure right now. Thanks for the advice though. today i made an appointment with a dermatologist so i will see about nicomide, thanks beachgirl!
  2. So i have really bad cystic acne. I keep hoping that it will go away but it doesnt seem to be working. i cant use anything that has bp in it or i get really red and swell up. im using over the counter stuff right now but i have been to the dermatologist where they placed me on oral antibiotics and retin-A with absolutely no success. Ive heard about accutane but i dont know if i wanna jump right into it so soon. I just want my acne to go away, i hate looking into the mirror and seeing it rig