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  1. Hey, guys. If nobody's responding to treatments, I recommend a skin biopsy. I've been diagnosed with PF by four different derms and this thing has never truly went away. Most meds never worked to begin with either. I've recently had skin biopsies done: one on my chest, neck, chin, and forehead (yikes, I know, that's a lot. The derm wanted to make sure he didn't miss anything.) Anyway, none of them came back yeast related--actually it was bacterial. He's not sure what type of infection this is bu
  2. Does this work well with closed comedones or is it better for non-inflamed acne? I've tried sea salt before and it did nothing for me.
  3. My friend suggested that I try a peppermint scrub to get rid of these pesky bumps on my face. I was wondering if anyone had any success with this. My main concern with scrubs is how abrasive the beads can be on your skin, so I tend to stay away from them since they usually make my situation worse. Nevertheless, not all scrubs are like that. Has anyone tried something like this before and what sort of results did you get?
  4. I second that microderm is a waste of money. The only thing I've noticed it good for is if your noninflamed acne has dried up and it's ready to come out. Then again a washcloth can achieve the same results. Just remember that even if you get good results with microderm you would still need to keep some kind of maintenance on your routine or else they will just come back in a few days and that money just went straight down the drain. I know this because I just did it this past Monday and it's alr
  5. Be careful with the Ziana. I was only on it for probably 2 weeks and I followed instructions and my face still went red until I stopped.
  6. Is anyone having any progress with facial PF? Besides prescriptions I haven't found anything OTC that helps. I've tried most of the products discussed besides the Noble Soap. It gets expensive after a while! I'm still debating a skin biopsy but the derm says if it's folliculitis then I could just be the type of individual that's affected by it. I may just have to live with it. I'm a bit more strong willed than that. But I thought PF was due to an overgrowth of your natural flora...It's all so co
  7. I ended up splurging on the Clarifoam and all the while I'm using an AHA lotion that I had in the cabinet for a while. I almost gave up on the lotion since it didn't seem like it was working up until I checked back and realized it expired last year. xD So next time I go to the store I'll grab a bottle of Amlactin. I don't expect the two products to interfere with each other...Of course I'm taking the risk of not knowing which one is really helping more--is it the clarifoam or amlactin? I already
  8. Few years ago I was diagnosed with PF. Derm put me on Loprox cream (worked), Clarifoam EF (worked like a charm) but all this stuff just kept coming back. Prescriptions get pricey so I'm still trying to find a simpler solution. I'm at the point now where I really don't know what I have anymore. They say that if you take antibiotics you suppress all good and bad bacteria leaving room for your normal flora like yeast to take over. Well, when I was sick the dr. gave me Amoxicillan and like magic my
  9. I applied Differin gel maybe three times in three consecutive days and yesterday morning I woke up to red skin around the eye and severe scaling. I stopped using the gel immediately and just tried to make the redness, scaling, and swelling subside. Has anyone experienced this? How long does it take to go away? Also what can I be using now to make the redness and all that go away? I've just been applying lotion to it (more specifically a lotion for eczema since that'll help with redness and peeli
  10. This is kinda off topic but I started using the Clarisonic brush to get rid of some blackheads and I think it might've spread my folliculitis because now I have more bumps than what I had. And the clarisonic was the only different thing I included in my regime. :\ I also tried sterilizing the brush head with alcohol but...I don't think that helped. o.o Stinks that I think I wasted my money. Or that its just a breakout from the new product. Should I continue?
  11. Thank you soooo much Chey! I have never heard of lufenuron until now. Please keep me updated with your results. Right now I'm on a 30 day supply of fluconazole so I'm hoping to see some improvements. And yes, I have tried the low carb and lean meat/eat more veggie diet. It appears this stuff is real resilient and always comes back. I need to get rid of it for good. Topicals only help for so long. :s
  12. I'm beginning to wonder if my derm knows what he's doing at all. Nothing helps. I have been diagnosed in the past with acne but medication was ineffective. I went to another derm and he says I have pityrosporum folliculitis and the only meds that ever cleared me up were Ovace wash (antibacterial) and Loprox (antifungal). Also I've been on accutane too (which worked WHILE I was on it). Now that I don't have insurance, I've been trying to find ways to treat and finally get RID of this stupid condi
  13. Yeah, I've heard about this and lately I am beginning to believe that theory. The only time I felt strong about any sort of wash was Ovace which is antibacterial. I used this with ciclopirox for folliculitis and this was the only thing that made the bumps go away. Unfortunately I do not have insurance anymore so I can say goodbye to the clear skin I once had. I wish I could find products that have the same type of ingredients in them :\ Anyways, if I didn't use the Ovace and just went with the c
  14. Does anyone have any suggestions if everything else fails to work? I've made at least 5 visits to my new derm--he seemed to be the most knowledgeable out of all the derms I've been to--and still no progression. It's so disheartening when all the medications don't work. Since I have it on the face/neck/chest/shoulders/back/stomach he's prescribed me oral antifungals but none work. And the last appt he simply told me to "moisturize" and that my skin is really dry and under the microscope he saw t
  15. Yup. Mandelic hasn't been helping me either. It's unfortunate and frustrating when it feels like nothing seems to work. Try a retinoid :> I wouldn't use Roc--I've read scary reviews about how irritating it is on your skin. I'm using what I have left of my green cream (it's kinda old I hope that stuff doesn't expire any time soon) and also a sample from Paula's Choice which I like. Doesn't make my face red. I hope you're able to get this thing under control. I'm still struggling too. If this