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  1. Rendu

    Hormonal Acne Post Birth Control

    Hi everybody!! I forgot my password for a bit and just saw these responses. Really glad to know it’s not just me. I ended up going back on birth control: however, my skin is still not settled down to what it used to be. To answer a few questions, I had mild acne prior to the pill, but nothing like what I was experiencing when I went off of it. For those of you that went on spiro, did it help?! I’m interested to see, considering I am eventually going to need to go off birth control again at some
  2. So I stopped tri-sprinted (birth control pill) about a year ago and since then, my skin has been out of control. Based off what I’ve read, I’m pretty certain it’s hormonal. It was good for a couple months, and then had been progressively getting worse. It’s also unlike any acne I’ve ever had before. The texture is really gross looking, small bumps, lots of blackheads. I don’t know what to do. I’m awaiting an appointment with a dermatologist, and in the meantime I am using Beauty counter cleanser