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  1. My acne has been its worst this november for years, and i have recently started the Regimen so not sure if its due to to that or other factors, so i share your pain lol
  2. Are you lots finding it bloody expensive here to keep this up lol, Im spending about $80 every 2 weeks for all my skin stuff.....
  3. New Zealand woman, hey they are nice chicks but really dont stand a chance on the World Scene, in a recent trip to LA I was shocked to see how many stunning girls there were, I was in Heaven (but Heaven having a nasty problem with Polution)
  4. I am taking Cod Liver Oil (for the vitamin a) and taking about 16,000IU a day, I am noticing improvements but Im not sure if its due to that or the other factors. When your doing all these things, its a pain in the arse to know what is really making the difference, because at the moment im spending about $80 every two weeks on my skin & its starting to add up lol
  5. How old you are? 18 When you first got acne? 13 If it changed (type, placement, etc) at what age? It got worse at around 15 then about a year ago it declined quiet a bit and didnt have any major issues with it, now it has come back with a vegence! I am currently doing the Regimen & Taking Cod Liver Oil (For the Vitamin A) & Vitamin B5 & Drinking Shitloads of water.
  6. I found that at the begining my skin got worse & I dont have much patience to wait around for another month to wait and see, what I actully did is stopped moisterising, my skin had dried up quiet a bit but alot of the pimples that stuck around are basicly drying to death, it is working quiet well so I think I will start moisterising again once I am satisfied with the ammount of Zits I have, this may-or-maynot work for you but it has (so far) for me.
  7. I had no luck with the Clean & Clear Acne Control kit, but my sister did, although I didnt give it a huge lengthy trial.
  8. I am quiet a heavy drinker, and I have found that Beer hugely aggravates my acne, I stay away from dark spirits aswell. I have shifted to white wine and vodka mixes.
  9. I am from Nelson NZ, and am going to start the Regimen tonight, i purchased the following products - Cetafil cleanser & moisturizer & Benoxyl BP.... wish me luck lol