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  1. The problem is that sugars and hydrogenated fats pervert the taste buds. So when you are having the good stuff you don't know its good. And people who market these foods would obviously want to continue to promote these two things and keep people addicted. Once you steer clear from simple sugars and hydrogenated fats (I still love fruits but I just have them in the morning and only certain kinds), everything else suddenly tastes so much better.
  2. There are two schools of thought regarding Candida. The first one is that it morphs from blood cells due to acidic enviroments, the second is that it is externally contracted and then gets into the blood from the gut. Either way, two things make candida grow - sugars and acidic environments. Judging from your diet your intake should be mostly alkaline so the candida should technically be dormant and sugars from fruits should not be a big issue but the thing about acidic and sub-acidic fruits i
  3. If you are eating a lot of fruits and getting cystic acne it could be candida overgrowth. While most fruits are alkalizing to some extent, candida feeds on sugars.
  4. Acne is just one manifestation of an imbalance in the body. I can't imagine all of these people who are stuffing themselves don't have some form of obesity, constipation or other health related issues. What you are doing now will pay dividends later in life, acne or no acne.
  5. I think the best thing you can do as previously mentioned is eating a lot of vegetables and fruits. Some really good ones to incorporate are spinach, carrots, broccoli and blueberries. If you want to try more exotic options, Goji berries have a lot of antioxidants, and Maca is very good at regulating hormones and providing energy. A lot of people focus on what they aren't putting in. But I think the more important thing is what you are putting in - if you are getting the vitamins, minerals, enz
  6. Very very good post. I am incorporating some of the more basic elements like diet, exercise, relaxation, no toxins and herbs/vitamin supplements into my regime. I do however, feel that the body given sufficient supplies (carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, enzymes etc) to be able to heal itself. For those who are looking for quicker results some of the more intensive things (liver flushing, colon cleansing etc) should be done but I'm 100% confident that with a good diet and outlook any s